Thursday, October 5, 2023

Are YOU Ready For This? Meet: The GODFATHER of Big Data: Dr. Eddie Price!

 How do you make the Invisible visible? ...Dr.Eddie's PROMS!

Dr.Eddie Price singlehandedly REVOLUTIONIZED the healthcare industry with his methodology called "PROMS".

He struggled for 25 years to get the industry and governments to adopt the methodology but:

"He's talking about something invisible--he's out of his mind!"

It was the typical "East versus West" healthcare paradigm. If we can't see doesn't exist!

Now it's looking like the world is waking up to the meta-data and the items outside of the body.

In this podcast you will learn about:

  • The ORIGINS OF "WELLNESS" and what it really is
  • The Health "care" industry
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Chatbots
  • HOLISTIC approaches
  • Prevention
  • Eastern Medicine VS. Western Medicine
  • Descartes
  • Newton
  • Quantum Mechanics
  • Supramedicine
  • Power Laws and Inverse Power Laws
  • Fractals between the squares!
  • Dr.Eddie met the GODFATHER of fractals...Professor Mandelbrot himself!
  • How NATURE conveys information...through fractals!!!
  • Fractals are used in the ANTENNA of your MOBILE PHONE!
  • Going to court and defending his colleague
  • Milton Erickson's methods
  • The Big "BIF" - the Big Bifurcation Theory and the beginning of the Universe!
  • Chaos Theory
  • The Butterfly Theory
  • "Do No Harm"
  • How hospital treatment LOWERS your quality of life!
  • Proven by his PROMS!
  • Nassim Taleb (yes he met him too!)
  • Tabula Rasa
  • Diagnostics
  • Dr.Eddie's new APP and Start-Up!

Listen to this interview and MAKE THE INVISIBLE VISIBLE! 



If you are an investor you can contact Dr.Eddie here:

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Let's Talk About Politics, Guns, and MURDER with the Texas Super Lawyer Larry Gaydos!


Rarely have I been this emotional (!) but when you see the downright corruption, and the EFFECTS of it...MURDER...then it's hard to hold back.

And we did not hold back in this one!

Listen in as Bestselling author Eric Z and TEXAS SUPER LAWYER Larry Gaydos talk about the illegal gun running operation of the corrupt Obama regime.

"If you want to make an omelette, you have to break some eggs." WHO SAID THAT?

Larry Gaydos is an Overachiever:

  • Graduated from West Point - TOP OF CLASS
  • Became a "J.A.G." in the Army and then started TEACHING all of the other judges...
  • NEVER lost a case as offense
  • WON every case except one as defense

We even talk about one of the most famous lawyers of all time Gerry Spence - whom Larry has met.


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Saturday, June 25, 2022

How To use Publisher Rocket to find KILLER AMAZON Book Categories RIGHT away! {PoorMan's FREE Kdspy}



Look at that freakin' category! 

SO EASY WITH Publisher Rocket and MY super duper patented ;-) method! 

➡Your job as an Amazon KDP self-publishing author is to place your book in the RIGHT category, right away. 
***HOW do you do that?***
 I show you how to do that in less than 3 minutes in the video above! 
Do this for every one of your books on Amazon! 
Then when your book starts ranking well in a given category, move it into the next higher category. 
That's called "stair stepping" your book up the ranks! 
It takes a lot of discipline to do this though. 
You must check your book's categories and keywords regularly--AT LEAST 1x month minimum! 
For gauging the "spread" and profitability of a category in Amazon I actually recommend the REAL KDSPY for that! 
➡KDSPY was made *just* for that task. 
➡So make sure to watch the next video in the playlist at the end. =================================================== 
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Meet the #1 SEO Author in the World : Dave Chesson! (Interview 2)


Each of his books makes well over $1000 per month. 

Let that sink in.

He hits a HOME RUN every time he's up to bat! 

Wouldn't you like to do that?
Very simple, well actually not; SEO is the key, and having a website that ranks well in the SERPS is the KILLER advantage.
In this interview we LEARN about:
➡The #1 Question I get, "How to use PUBLISHER ROCKET for Fiction book research?"
➡How to do Keyword research RIGHT
➡Pat Flynn's book "Will it Fly"
➡Ivanka Trump!
➡A9 - the Amazon Algorithm
➡What's hot in the SEO world today
➡Dave's #1 Tip for podcasters
➡The #1 way to get your NEW Blog to rank in the big Google
➡How he gets reviews (hint - it's AWE-SUM!)
➡A SUPER LEAD MAGNET method for your books!
➡Kobayashi Maru
➡Authority Hackers
➡And more! Listen, Learn, and EXECUTE!

See our previous podcast here: 
--for the nitty-gritty... 
we reeeaaally get down deep and into the nuts and bolts of how to build a website that FUNNELS readers to your books; 
An in-depth STEP by STEP guide... 
And a HUGE INFOGRAPHIC to make it really simple!

Story Telling on Steroids : with Kyle Gray of the Story Engine


Q: Why is storytelling so powerful? 
A: Storytelling is scientifically proven to boost sales! 

Kyle Gray is THE expert in using stories to sell and optimize and maximize your marketing efforts. 

In this podcast, you will learn not only WHY it is awesome and powerful, but HOW TO DO IT! 
You will also learn about: 
  • Public Speaking 
  • Content Marketing (hint: it's free!) 
  • Kyle's SUPER VALUABLE (I can't believe he gives this away for free!) Content marketing Template! ... 
...take Kyle's AWESOME quiz which will tailor the template JUST for YOU and your business!

Exclusive OVER-the-TOP Interview with John McAfee!

Part 2:

Damn! Daaamn!


***This is one of the most OVER-the-TOP interviews I've ever done!*** 

(Not safe for work and hide the kids! Or at least cover their ears! :-)
This is an EXCLUSIVE interview that John McAfee did with Eric Z of! John McAfee - the most interesting man on the internet - talks about:
  • TRUTH 
  • Freedom 
  • Politics 
  • Security 
  • Clearances 
  • ESCAPING from Spain during the Corona Virus MARTIAL LAW! 
  • Edward Snowden 
  • The very first computer virus - the BRAIN BUG! 
  • The FOUNDING FATHERS (what if they were alive today?) 
  • Your MIND and your Television 
  • The Sixth Sense 
  • Dismantling the IRS 
  • Grand Jury's and "impossible laws" WTF?! 
  • What the CIA calls the PRESIDENT...
***Best quote: "TV is a parasite on your mind"***
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John Lee Dumas: The Common Path for Uncommon Success! The 17 Steps to Financial Freedom!


I always value the time with John on my podcast because he PROVIDES SO MUCH VALUE in only 15 friggen minutes! 

A very pivotal quote in his life is:

Try not to become a person of success, but rather a person of value. --Albert Einstein Listen in to the Extreeeemely important reason WHY this is such a major MINDSET change! More Value bombs: ➡ How to Do Masterminds RIGHT (Hint: I was -not- doin' it right) ➡ His Book BONUSES and OFFER TO YOU! ➡ Chapter 7: FOCUS ➡ “I will share my first content production plan in the next section, and I attribute its singular focus to my success.” ➡ Why are Entrepreneurs failing at such a high %? ➡ What is your favorite step in the 17-step roadmap? ➡ Can you have multiple avatars? ================================================= GET HIS BOOK BEFORE MARCH 23rd to SECURE YOUR BONUSES!!! ================================================= GET IT HERE: ================================================= - - Get my best lessons and golden nuggets for book publishing here: ➡️ ============================= If you enjoy the podcast, would you please consider leaving a short review on Apple Podcasts/iTunes? It takes less than 60 seconds, and it really makes a difference in helping to convince hard-to-get guests. - For show notes and past guests, please visit Get Eric’s NEW BOOK! (it's FREE right now:-) ============================================= The Power to Publish! ➡️ ============================================= Follow Eric: 

Dr. Benjamin Hardy EXPLODES Personality Myths! [+3 Free Courses!]


In this podcast interview Dr. Benjamin Hardy EXPLODES the myths about personality...

What are the BIGGEST personality myths? 

What -IS- personality?

--And how do you take control of your DESTINY? ???
And rightly so, because personality tests are [besides being flat-out wrong and NOT based on science] DETRIMENTAL to your psychological health. ➡Are you an INTJ? --an ENTF?...bullshit! ➡It's all poppycock! --and please don't fall for it! --- Listen in... As Dr. Benjamin Hardy explains why personality tests are ROBBING YOU of your future-self, and actually bad for businesses and individuals... PURE AWESOMENESS! His new book "PERSONALITY ISN'T PERMANENT" is launching THIS June 16th! Get a copy here! ======================= And...Aaaaand! He's offering 3 FREE courses! (check out the end of the podcast for more details) Go here: Deep Dive Course of his new book "Personality Isn't Permanent" Journaling Course Genius Blogging Course +++How to write a book proposal and more! ======================= If you haven't subscribed...will you? ➡️

Welcome to Nick Loper's World: Successful SideHustle Mastery!

This was FUN,

This is why I started podcasting.

========================================== I finally got to talk to one of my heroes — Nick Loper! ========================================== Nick Loper is the #1 Sidehustler in the world. He’s done everything from running successful Ecommerce sites to launching books to #1 on Amazon! His podcast “The Side Hustle Show” has over 350 episodes that range from starting a business to SEO and Pinterest strategies. Here is just one example of his business generating ideas: ➔ Welcome to Nick Loper’s World, in this interview we talk about: ๐ŸŒŽ Golden Nugget #1 : How to convert podcast listeners into email subscribers! ๐ŸŒŽ. Golden Nugget #2 : THEME Days are one of Nick’s top productivity hacks And more... ➔Shitzus vs Pitbulls ➔Nick’s big WHY ➔The FREE launch vs a $.99 book launch ➔Facebook groups vs Email lists ➔Nick’s 23+ STREAMS of PASSIVE income ➔How to get paid over and over for something made ONCE ➔Bitcoin ➔Lobbying on behalf of online entrepreneurs in California! ➔Amazon’s Tax Wars ➔Nick’s favorite audience building method ➔Nick’s favorite funnel ➔Emai List SEGMENTATION ➔Nick’s take on PAID ADVERTISING ➔Nick’s number one marketing book to GIFT: The Go-Giver! ➔Nick’s TOP PRODUCTIVITY HACKS! ➔Nick’s Project Management Methods ➔How to combat “The 30 Day Monk” ➔PODCASTING ➔Sprint Goals ➔Mindfulness - Meditation - Tai Chi

Meet Your Next Hero: Sheriff Lamb from Arizona!

Meet Sheriff Mark Lamb of Arizona: 

๐Ÿ”ถA bonafide descendant of the Pilgrims of the Mayflower! ๐Ÿ”ถKids Program with near 100% SUCCESS rate! ๐Ÿ”ถAND a #1 selling NEW BOOK! Listen in to this MEGA-INTERESTING interview! ๐ŸŒŽRough times in Panama ๐ŸˆGetting bitten by a dog-ouch! ☣️Getting Covid-19 / Corona virus ๐Ÿ”ถGoing to Washington D.C. to meet the president

=================================== GET His New Book! ===================================

Meet Suzi from Start a Mom Blog! The #1 MomBlogger in the World!

I interviewed the number ONE mom blogger in the world!๐ŸŒŽ

Suzi from Start a Mom Blog has taken her blog from 10k/month to 30k per month in LESS than 2 years!

*Jealous!* Now she teaches other people how to be a successful blogger in record time--and her students are plentiful examples! ๐ŸŒŽ She has 50,000 students! In this podcast we extensively cover Pinterest techniques and TRAFFIC strategies. ๐ŸŒŽ Suzi's FREE Blogplan is also THE best way to plan and start your first blog! ๐ŸŒŽ We also talk about Suzi's #1 funnel - an Ebook combined with an online course. This Podcast Interview is an awesome deep dive into: ➔Pinterest tactics and strategies ➔Overall blogging strategy ➔The BEST Niches for blogging ➔Funnels - SUPER PROFITABLE - funnels! ➔Online Courses ➔Time Management ➔PRINTABLES ➔Tailwind and Tribes ➔Paid Advertising - Facebook Ads ➔Teachable AND MUCH MUCH MORE! ๐ŸŒŽ Here is one golden nugget from the interview: "I noticed that leads that I was getting from Facebook ads just didn't convert as well as ones from my organic traffic..." ========================================= And my absolute favorite quote from the podcast: "I retired my husband!" ========================================= #ErocZ -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "{PoorMan's FREE Kdspy} How To use Publisher Rocket to find KILLER AMAZON Book Categories RIGHT away!" -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-

Interview #2 with the Master of Amazon Ads AND Descriptions: Brian Meeks!

This is the second interview I did with Brian Meeks...


Damn! That was more than I expected... The Master of Amazon is making us an OFFER. But before I get into that, you know that Brian Meeks is a professional DATA Analyst right? So when he "whips out the data" , the HARD data from Amazon -- you know it will be FRUITFUL! This is a crazy deep dive! The longest interview I have done yet - a full 2 hours! In this interview, I get to pick Brian's Brain (say that 5 times fast!) ...and get into the real nuts and bolts of HOW TO BE A PROFITABLE AUTHOR ON AMAZON. We talk about his first book "Mastering Amazon Ads" and his second book "Mastering Amazon Descriptions." =============================== You will LOVE this long-form interview! =============================== Among other things we talk about: ➡ How important your COPYWRITING is! ➡ Amazon Ads ➡ The Law of Diminishing Returns ➡ 20BooksTo50k ➡ Michael Anderle ➡ Going WIDE ➡ What METRICS you MUST monitor ➡ What metrics are Stooopid! Man he hates the Amazon dashboard! ➡ And much much more! Oh, yeah, about that offer :-) ➡ He's offering us 30% off of his ADVANCED Course!https://meeks-master-classes.teachabl... ➡ Use the code "Chicago" on checkout to get the awesome DISCOUNT! ➡➡➡This is a time-sensitive offer so get it now while it lasts. =============================== Learn Self-publishing the right way - get my new book while it's still FREE! ➡ =============================== See my FIRST interview with Brian Meeks: How to Do Amazon Ads Right! here ➡

Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Healing and Miracles and Carl Jung with the Amazing Dr. Bernie Siegel!


Once in a lifetime... 

I interview someone, but not just any someone, 

He's a SURGEON, and HEALER, 

...and specialist in Carl Jungian Therapy. 

His name is Dr.Bernie Siegel--and you will LOVE him! -oh- oh-oh-...and...
➡“The future is long prepared for in advance, and therefore it can be guessed by clairvoyance”—C.G.Jung 

He just published TWO NEW books:

➡1- "No Endings - Only Beginnings" ... ➡2- "When You Realize How Perfect Everything Is" ... If you haven't subscribed...will you?


See interview #1 here!