The Poor Mans Kdspy Niche Finder and Research Tool

I have reverse engineered KDSpy for you!

  • Why - BECAUSE you want to be a profitable author.
  • What - This FREE tool will help you.
  • How - It shows you INSTANTLY which categories are profitable for your chosen niche and book.

Now you can easily see at a glance where you should place your book in Amazon.

Because of the formatting of the cells, I will only be offering this as a google spreadsheet which you can download or copy to your own Google Drive.

KDSpy costs 47$ and it is totally worth it.

The Poor Man's KDSpy only costs you an Email and it is a MANDATORY tool in every author's tool kit![highlight to tweet!]

Do your research first, before you put your book in Amazon -THAT- my friends is the difference between a profitable author, and you know... the "other" kind![highlight to tweet!]

Instructions: Watch the video above, if your category has not been added yet:

1.) Go to your category in amazon:

2.) Fill in the names of each sub-category in column D

3.) Then go /click on each sub-category and note the top book (position 1) and the bottom book (pos.20).

4.) Click on the top and bottom book and get their overall rank in amazon.

5.) Put the top ranking book number(rank) in column B for EACH sub-category.

6.) Put the bottom ranking book number rank in column E, for each sub-category.

You can see the other tabs for an example.


-Add the subcategories' names in column D

-Fill in columns B and E with the highest and lowest book rank for each subcategory.

-The green ones win!

-Place your book accordingly using the "CATEGORIES" options and "KEYWORD" field in your KDP dashboard (Bookshelf.)

Your job as a Kindle author is to get your book in the top 20 results of your target category. Once you have identified your target category, you:

1.) Put your book in that category in your KDP dashboard, in the field "category".
2.) Use the applicable Keywords to get your book in the "other" categories that aren't readily choosable in the category field above(1.).

  If your book's rank is too low to make it in your target category, choose a profitable SUB-category and do WHATEVER you can to bump up your sales (e.g. promotions with the KDroi tool).

  Then you "Stair Step" your book up the categories until you reach your target category : YOUR PROFITABLE NICHE.

ACHTUNG - your next higher up category may not be that good either, when you move your book, you might lose some of the extra-curricular category rankings!

  For example "15 MINUTE READS" is a category that cannot be chosen. Your book must be short and Amazon PUTS it in that category for you.   --You might LOSE this category if you go "keyword hopping".

Therefore MAKE DAMNED SURE the next category up is worth it and will bring you the sales and traffic you need!

Luckily for you I have a Christmas present, if you don't want to shell out the dough for KDSpy, then this tool is the next best thing. Actually it is better in some ways because you have your progress documented and on one sheet.

Now you can -IN ONE GLANCE- see if your book can be put in a profitable category, and EXACTLY which categories are profitable!


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