Saturday, June 25, 2022

Interview #2 with the Master of Amazon Ads AND Descriptions: Brian Meeks!

This is the second interview I did with Brian Meeks...


Damn! That was more than I expected... The Master of Amazon is making us an OFFER. But before I get into that, you know that Brian Meeks is a professional DATA Analyst right? So when he "whips out the data" , the HARD data from Amazon -- you know it will be FRUITFUL! This is a crazy deep dive! The longest interview I have done yet - a full 2 hours! In this interview, I get to pick Brian's Brain (say that 5 times fast!) ...and get into the real nuts and bolts of HOW TO BE A PROFITABLE AUTHOR ON AMAZON. We talk about his first book "Mastering Amazon Ads" and his second book "Mastering Amazon Descriptions." =============================== You will LOVE this long-form interview! =============================== Among other things we talk about: ➡ How important your COPYWRITING is! ➡ Amazon Ads ➡ The Law of Diminishing Returns ➡ 20BooksTo50k ➡ Michael Anderle ➡ Going WIDE ➡ What METRICS you MUST monitor ➡ What metrics are Stooopid! Man he hates the Amazon dashboard! ➡ And much much more! Oh, yeah, about that offer :-) ➡ He's offering us 30% off of his ADVANCED Course!https://meeks-master-classes.teachabl... ➡ Use the code "Chicago" on checkout to get the awesome DISCOUNT! ➡➡➡This is a time-sensitive offer so get it now while it lasts. =============================== Learn Self-publishing the right way - get my new book while it's still FREE! ➡ =============================== See my FIRST interview with Brian Meeks: How to Do Amazon Ads Right! here ➡


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