Saturday, June 25, 2022

Meet the #1 SEO Author in the World : Dave Chesson! (Interview 2)


Each of his books makes well over $1000 per month. 

Let that sink in.

He hits a HOME RUN every time he's up to bat! 

Wouldn't you like to do that?
Very simple, well actually not; SEO is the key, and having a website that ranks well in the SERPS is the KILLER advantage.
In this interview we LEARN about:
➡The #1 Question I get, "How to use PUBLISHER ROCKET for Fiction book research?"
➡How to do Keyword research RIGHT
➡Pat Flynn's book "Will it Fly"
➡Ivanka Trump!
➡A9 - the Amazon Algorithm
➡What's hot in the SEO world today
➡Dave's #1 Tip for podcasters
➡The #1 way to get your NEW Blog to rank in the big Google
➡How he gets reviews (hint - it's AWE-SUM!)
➡A SUPER LEAD MAGNET method for your books!
➡Kobayashi Maru
➡Authority Hackers
➡And more! Listen, Learn, and EXECUTE!

See our previous podcast here: 
--for the nitty-gritty... 
we reeeaaally get down deep and into the nuts and bolts of how to build a website that FUNNELS readers to your books; 
An in-depth STEP by STEP guide... 
And a HUGE INFOGRAPHIC to make it really simple!


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