Saturday, June 25, 2022

Dr. Benjamin Hardy EXPLODES Personality Myths! [+3 Free Courses!]


In this podcast interview Dr. Benjamin Hardy EXPLODES the myths about personality...

What are the BIGGEST personality myths? 

What -IS- personality?

--And how do you take control of your DESTINY? ???
And rightly so, because personality tests are [besides being flat-out wrong and NOT based on science] DETRIMENTAL to your psychological health. ➡Are you an INTJ? --an ENTF?...bullshit! ➡It's all poppycock! --and please don't fall for it! --- Listen in... As Dr. Benjamin Hardy explains why personality tests are ROBBING YOU of your future-self, and actually bad for businesses and individuals... PURE AWESOMENESS! His new book "PERSONALITY ISN'T PERMANENT" is launching THIS June 16th! Get a copy here! ======================= And...Aaaaand! He's offering 3 FREE courses! (check out the end of the podcast for more details) Go here: Deep Dive Course of his new book "Personality Isn't Permanent" Journaling Course Genius Blogging Course +++How to write a book proposal and more! ======================= If you haven't subscribed...will you? ➡️


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