Saturday, June 25, 2022

Welcome to Nick Loper's World: Successful SideHustle Mastery!

This was FUN,

This is why I started podcasting.

========================================== I finally got to talk to one of my heroes — Nick Loper! ========================================== Nick Loper is the #1 Sidehustler in the world. He’s done everything from running successful Ecommerce sites to launching books to #1 on Amazon! His podcast “The Side Hustle Show” has over 350 episodes that range from starting a business to SEO and Pinterest strategies. Here is just one example of his business generating ideas: ➔ Welcome to Nick Loper’s World, in this interview we talk about: 🌎 Golden Nugget #1 : How to convert podcast listeners into email subscribers! 🌎. Golden Nugget #2 : THEME Days are one of Nick’s top productivity hacks And more... ➔Shitzus vs Pitbulls ➔Nick’s big WHY ➔The FREE launch vs a $.99 book launch ➔Facebook groups vs Email lists ➔Nick’s 23+ STREAMS of PASSIVE income ➔How to get paid over and over for something made ONCE ➔Bitcoin ➔Lobbying on behalf of online entrepreneurs in California! ➔Amazon’s Tax Wars ➔Nick’s favorite audience building method ➔Nick’s favorite funnel ➔Emai List SEGMENTATION ➔Nick’s take on PAID ADVERTISING ➔Nick’s number one marketing book to GIFT: The Go-Giver! ➔Nick’s TOP PRODUCTIVITY HACKS! ➔Nick’s Project Management Methods ➔How to combat “The 30 Day Monk” ➔PODCASTING ➔Sprint Goals ➔Mindfulness - Meditation - Tai Chi


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