Saturday, June 25, 2022

How To use Publisher Rocket to find KILLER AMAZON Book Categories RIGHT away! {PoorMan's FREE Kdspy}



Look at that freakin' category! 

SO EASY WITH Publisher Rocket and MY super duper patented ;-) method! 

➡Your job as an Amazon KDP self-publishing author is to place your book in the RIGHT category, right away. 
***HOW do you do that?***
 I show you how to do that in less than 3 minutes in the video above! 
Do this for every one of your books on Amazon! 
Then when your book starts ranking well in a given category, move it into the next higher category. 
That's called "stair stepping" your book up the ranks! 
It takes a lot of discipline to do this though. 
You must check your book's categories and keywords regularly--AT LEAST 1x month minimum! 
For gauging the "spread" and profitability of a category in Amazon I actually recommend the REAL KDSPY for that! 
➡KDSPY was made *just* for that task. 
➡So make sure to watch the next video in the playlist at the end. =================================================== 
Get my tool in the video for FREE HERE:➡➡ 
➡Get Publisher Rocket HERE:
➡Get KDSpy HERE:


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