Saturday, June 25, 2022

Meet Suzi from Start a Mom Blog! The #1 MomBlogger in the World!

I interviewed the number ONE mom blogger in the world!🌎

Suzi from Start a Mom Blog has taken her blog from 10k/month to 30k per month in LESS than 2 years!

*Jealous!* Now she teaches other people how to be a successful blogger in record time--and her students are plentiful examples! 🌎 She has 50,000 students! In this podcast we extensively cover Pinterest techniques and TRAFFIC strategies. 🌎 Suzi's FREE Blogplan is also THE best way to plan and start your first blog! 🌎 We also talk about Suzi's #1 funnel - an Ebook combined with an online course. This Podcast Interview is an awesome deep dive into: ➔Pinterest tactics and strategies ➔Overall blogging strategy ➔The BEST Niches for blogging ➔Funnels - SUPER PROFITABLE - funnels! ➔Online Courses ➔Time Management ➔PRINTABLES ➔Tailwind and Tribes ➔Paid Advertising - Facebook Ads ➔Teachable AND MUCH MUCH MORE! 🌎 Here is one golden nugget from the interview: "I noticed that leads that I was getting from Facebook ads just didn't convert as well as ones from my organic traffic..." ========================================= And my absolute favorite quote from the podcast: "I retired my husband!" ========================================= #ErocZ -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "{PoorMan's FREE Kdspy} How To use Publisher Rocket to find KILLER AMAZON Book Categories RIGHT away!" -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-


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