Saturday, June 25, 2022

Exclusive OVER-the-TOP Interview with John McAfee!

Part 2:

Damn! Daaamn!


***This is one of the most OVER-the-TOP interviews I've ever done!*** 

(Not safe for work and hide the kids! Or at least cover their ears! :-)
This is an EXCLUSIVE interview that John McAfee did with Eric Z of! John McAfee - the most interesting man on the internet - talks about:
  • TRUTH 
  • Freedom 
  • Politics 
  • Security 
  • Clearances 
  • ESCAPING from Spain during the Corona Virus MARTIAL LAW! 
  • Edward Snowden 
  • The very first computer virus - the BRAIN BUG! 
  • The FOUNDING FATHERS (what if they were alive today?) 
  • Your MIND and your Television 
  • The Sixth Sense 
  • Dismantling the IRS 
  • Grand Jury's and "impossible laws" WTF?! 
  • What the CIA calls the PRESIDENT...
***Best quote: "TV is a parasite on your mind"***
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