Story Telling on Steroids : with Kyle Gray of the Story Engine : Podcast Interview

Why is storytelling so powerful?

Storytelling is scientifically proven to boost sales!
Kyle Gray is THE expert in using stories to sell and optimize and maximize your marketing efforts.
In this podcast, you will learn not only WHY it is awesome and powerful, but HOW TO DO IT! 
You will also learn about: 

  • Public Speaking 
  • Content Marketing (hint: it's free!) 
  • Kyle's SUPER VALUABLE (I can't believe he gives this away for free!) Content marketing Template! ...
  •  ...take Kyle's AWESOME quiz which will tailor the template JUST for YOU and your business!
  • It's super valuable and will help you for sure :-)


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Kyle Gray's Harvest Method:

The Man with THE Plan & Machiavelli of Amazon Ads: Brian Berni!

The Mastermind and Machiavelli of Amazon Ads Reveals some of it all!


It's always a challenge trying to get a Meister to reveal his best secrets and tricks. In this episode I got Brian Berni to reveal some...!

Brian Berni is an established scholar, and worked in the Vatican for many years.
On top of that - he publishes his own books!

What comes through in the interview a lot is how down to Earth he is, and there is no secrecy or "Machiavelli" at all really. That's actually hard to fathom, because Brian runs one of the most successful "done for you" Advertising services of all. 

If you go to the BookAds page, you will see some EYE-POPPING screenshots!
Well, listen in on this interview with Man behind Book Ads, one of the most successful "Done for You" Ads for authors services ever (!) and find out:


Check out BookAds!

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Running in Silence Running to Victory! Podcast Interview with Rachael Steil

How do you conquer your demons?

What about the shame and the FEAR?

Rachael conquered her personal demons -- eating disorderS while competition running at the same time!

Hers is a story of personal Triumph...and YES...she came out STRONGER and decided to share her experience with the world.

First in the form of her blog, and now with her book RUNNING IN SILENCE.

She did not ever dream that she would get here: Speaking engagements, Books, Partnerships, but here she is! 

--Helping more and more people overcome the difficult and painful "demons" of eating disorders.

Listen in on Rachael's journey!



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Writing Killer Thrillers On the Edge of a RASIERKLINGE! With Mark O'Neill [Podcast Interview]

I could never do it...

One Mean *****!

Writing a book WITHOUT an outline.

It's like jumping out of a plane without a parachute!

But Mark O'Neill is a "pantser" and pulls it off exquisitely with his KILLER THRILLER books!

Meet Mark O'Neill:

Writer of Killer Thriller books which take place (finden statt) in Germany!

His Heroin is ONE MEAN *****!--Which endears her to all readers :-)

Enjoy this podcast and deep dive!


You can connect with Mark here:


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Making a Difference with our ELDERS and VERONICA KIRIN!

What do our Elders do much better than us Younglings?

What role does technology play?

Veronica Kirin is not just a successful Author -- she is an AUDACIOUS ENTREPRENEUR... 

She has started six...SIX companies and scaled them!

--As a matter of fact, she helps entrepreneurs "get out of their own way", but more about that in the podcast! 

Listen and learn:

  • How Veronica traveled across the United States and interviewed 100 of our elders
  • What our elders do better
  • How to gain the freedom you want with your business
  • Anthropology
  • Addictive Technologies and Endorphins
  • The Company that engineers ADDICTIVE apps and the ANTI-addictive app!
  • George Gilder vs Elon Musk (hint: George wins!)
  • This is not my house - this is not my wife - how did I get here!?
  • The Pomodoro Technique (my favorite!) combined with the German "ALPEN" time management method.
  • KickStarter! (2/3 of all Kickstarter campaign fail (but not hers!))
  • The RAINFORESTS of Oregon
  • Buridan's Donkey

You can find Veronica here:




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About Veronica Kirin

Anthropologist turned serial entrepreneur Veronica Kirin has a passion for telling stories and connecting with the past. Her desire to study social changes through people drove her to write about technology and its impact on culture through the eyes of the Greatest Generation.

Kirin was named by Forbes as a notable graduate of Grand Valley State University, a 40 Under 40 Business Leader, has been recognized as the founder of a Top Women Owned Business, and owns the first business in Grand Rapids, Michigan to be certified by the National LGBT Chamber of Commerce. She offers entrepreneurial coaching to LGBTQ business owners through her signature Self Care Through Scaling™ program so they work less, grow faster, and earn more.