I Met the Muhammad Ali of Ebooks - and Survived for 67 minutes! : Podcast Interview With Steve Scott

The Way of the Successful Author Series: Interview with Steve Scott the Undisputed Champion of Independent Publishing!

In this interview you will learn about:
  • The #1 tip for beginning authors
  • The #1 tip for intermediate and advanced authors
  • How to sustain sales
  • How to validate your book idea
  • Amazon Ads - "Sponsored Ads"
  • Accountability Partners vs Mentors
  • Foreign rights and translating your book
Steve Scott has over 50+ books on Amazon. He has published 10 books per year and made a CONSISTENT 5 digit monthly income with his book palette. Let that sink in...

This consistency is no fluke. It's the result of hard work, planning, and in his own words "Laying the foundation":
"The most important tip is to lay the foundation" -- Steve ScottThe Muhammad Ali of Ebooks [click to tweet]

This kind of consistency is also what SEPARATES the men from the boys, and the one-hit wonders from the true champions like Muhammad Ali, or in this case Steve Scott.

CONSISTENCY, something us authors need more of! 
Listen and enjoy Steve's golden advice from the self-publishing ring:



Steve's Top 6 Books Infographic:

Muhammad Ali's Top Quotes

How To Save America - AND Publish a Book! : Podcast Interview With Eric Martin

What do you do when you are SICK OF IT ALL? 

Run for office! 

Not only did Eric Martin run for the house of representatives, but he published a book to accompany his journey and solidify his platform.

What a GREAT strategy!
Listen in on the insights that Eric Martin won while trying save the nation -- and publish his book!

It does not take a majority to prevail...but rather an irate, tireless minority, keen on settings brush fires of freedom in the minds of men. -- Samuel Adams
Enjoy the Re-Ignited Zbooks successful authors podcast:

Liberation Day - By Eric Martin

Eric Martin:

Programs/services/software used:

  • Reedsy
  • Grammarly
  • 99 Designs (look at that cover!)

People mentioned (in book AND podcast):

  • -- Scott Adams
  • -- Scott Perry 
  • -- Samuel Adams 
  • -- Thomas Jefferson 
  • -- Ron Paul 
  • -- Rand Paul 
  • -- Wolf Blitzer 
  • -- Donald Trump
  • -- Hillary Clinton

CreateSpace or KDP Print? Which One Should YOU Use?

Tell me your requirements and I'll tell you which one is best!

With this super simple breakdown, your decision is super simple! (and easy too ;-)

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As you can see in the table above, I put a lot of weight on the ability to update your print books “on the fly.”

When you update your print book in CreateSpace, they will “freeze” your book during the changes and review process.

Your Amazon salespage shows “not available at this time” !!!! — and will instead put a link to other suppliers (if any)!

That means you get ZERO sales.

But it is much worse than this. The problem is, this also “breaks the algorithm.”

If you just launched your book, and it is enjoying a good run in Amazon, i.e. Amazon’s A9 algorithm has picked it up and is showing it more and more — well you just broke that connection.


This can be the end of your sales for a long time :-(

When you publish your book with KDP print however, it is just like your Ebooks, you can make changes on the fly, and it doesn’t matter! Your book will be shown, and the older version will still be available until your edits are live.

This is a big deal for me because I like to “bang” the books out as fast as possible and make updates as I go.

I will be publishing my print books with KDP print from now on.

There is however one big reason to still use CreateSpace.

Buying copies at cost.

With CreateSpace you can buy copies at your cost (wholesale) and send them as gifts or as ARC’s (advanced reader copies) to your Beta-readers or street team or ambassadors.

This is also a HUGE point.
Because if you are launching a book, and getting your beta-readers involved, well that can get quite expensive if you have to send everyone a copy of your book through the KDP interface.
With CreateSpace you just buy a copy at your price and send it to your readers = awesome!
With KDP print, you have to buy the book through the normal Amazon salespage! That means you pay full price for the book, and get royalties later. Which does work out to be much more than buying at cost.
I want to be able to change my book on the fly, AND order ARC copies at cost.
For my specific requirements, and my way of publishing though, KDP Print works better.
Don’t Put All Your Eggs in ONE Basket.
Another Suuuuper important point is that CreateSpace, although owned by Amazon, is stil a different company with a different customer service.
This can become an issue reeaally quick!
For example, Amazon blocked one of my Ebooks because I had included an open domain pic from Wikipedia.
After days and days of pleading with them — they kept it blocked — even though I had corrected the “bad” pic.
Solution: I published the print version on CreateSpace — boom! — no problem!
Amazon are real JERKS about using Wikipedia as a source.
CreateSpace is not.
As a matter of fact, I no longer include the word “wiki” in any of my books anymore.
I have even had books temporarily blocked because I included a citation from wikipedia!
This is seriously lame, because it is totally normal and acceptable to reference Wikipedia nowadays. But it looks like Amazon has some kind of checker in their review process that automatically scans your manuscript for “wiki” and if found — blocks it!
So if you are writing a book, ebook or print (remember I recommend to make BOTH) and you have a lot of citations and notes to wikipedia, I seriously recommend you start the print book in CreateSpace.
The above are my three main criteria. You can also see in the table above that I don’t place much weight on expanded distribution, ease of use, 5 vs 7 keywords, and having one dashboard.
The first point (changes on the fly) and second point (ARC copies at cost) are the two that really break the bank for me.
So in order to make it SUUUPER simple, we can put it this way:
  1. If you are like me and need to make a lot of changes after publishing — use KDP Print.
  2. If you have to order A LOT of ARC copies — definitely use CreateSpace.
Another hybrid method comes to mind. What if you want both, like me?
Well you could publish your print book on CreateSpace FIRST, order tons of ARC copies and send them to your readers.
Then when your launch is over, and you find you have to make some updates or changes, MIGRATE your book to the KDP platform.
This is a ONE click issue, and Amazon makes it really easy.
Now this does entail some work, and you will indeed have to input or change some stuff in your KDP dashboard when the migration is over, but this is the only way to have the best of both worlds.
So make sure you have all of the ARC copies you need before you hit that button.

What about the keywords and categories?
In KDP you get 7 keywords, in CreateSpace you get 5.
In KDP you also choose categories according to Amazon’s own category structure, or tree. In CreateSpace they use the BISAC categories (Book Industry Standards and Communications) which are much different than Amazon’s.

I don’t consider this to make a big difference, because you can add the Amazon categories to your CreateSpace book after publishing it.

Createspace customer service is very good and all you do is write them an email and tell them to add your book to a chosen category.
You send them the exact AMAZON category like this: Books>childrens books>animals>crocodiles . 
This way you can add your book to TEN AMAZON categories! I’ve done it(!), just give CreateSpace ten “>chains>” and they will add your book to them.

For example, I noticed my book “Navy SEALs for Kids” was only showing in ONE category. So I quickly went and looked at the categories that the Bestseller “Extreme Ownership” was in. I copied and pasted and sent them to CreateSpace (through the help desk) and they added them within two days.

So it is after the fact, or better said; after publishing, but for that reason I don't consider it a big difference. I put all of my CreateSpace books in specific Amazon categories (after lotsa research!) right after I publish them.

KDP = 7 and CreateSpace = 5.

This does bug me indeed. So I make sure to make every book I publish part of a series. Even if it is a ONE book series. This way I get more keywords.
Those keywords are a gift — use ‘em!
That’s it for now my friends — please leave your comments on my YouTube Channel:

KDP Print VS CreateSpace - Which One is "Best" ?

From Visually.

The Top 7 Inkscape Shortcuts You MUST Master

The secret to getting RAZOR sharp, I mean RAZOR sharp graphics, is to use an .svg editor. SVG = Scalable Vector Graphics.

Inkscape is one of the best svg editors on the market. But that's not the amazing part.

 The amazing part is -- it's FREE!

The first part of mastering Inkscape is to learn the keyboard shortcuts. The shortcuts below are the ones you MUST master first, just to get proficient in Inkscape.

These will give you a great start.

this is a cool infographic to get you started quickly with inkscape!

For more FREE Inkscape tutorials and to download this infographic as a HIGH RESOLUTION pdf, just hit the button below!


Take the 7 Day Challenge!

The Winners of the 1st 7 Day Challenge Are In - Look at what my Awesome students are making!

The very first Zbooks 7 Day Challenge has finished and I am soooo EXTREMELY STOKED and PROUD as Hell to present to you the very first champions! 
Not only did the first challengers WIN a lot of knowledge -- I did too, and had to update my challenge website in real time. 
That was hectic to say the least, but it was extremely rewarding to help people and I'm so glad that people found the material helpful.
Even my funky trick with the star! (rule of thirds and "golden ratio" hack!)
So here they are, the first champions!
(and yes, YOU should take the challenge, it's a powerful kick in the ****!)
Champion #1 got her book on Amazon the fastest!

But it's not about speed: she made a ROCKIN' cover and an extremely AWE-SUM formatted Ebook with one of the hacks in the challenge.

Check out the interior of Melanie's book using the "look inside" function on Amazon. 
Champion #1 (yes we are all #1 here!)

Not only made an awesome book, but she went the extra mile and made a KILLER landing page too!
Another expertly formatted book with great content!
Champion #1 - Jenn is one of my favorites.

Not only did she make a BUNCH of killer covers,(hint: A-B testing!) but she also had the most technical difficulties -- and conquered them all! 

Seriously Stoked!

Going to be covering all sorts of stuff like:
-- The perma-free model : how to make your book permanently free on -zon
-- how to make a cover
-- How to optimize your title
-- How to choose keywords and categories (free methods and kdspy tools etc.)
-- How to make the actual .epub and .mobi
-- How to optimize your books for leads and which platforms to use (and how)
-- Also an overview of how to publish on D2D and Google Play

"For me Z Books 7 Days Challenge became that booster which helped me to get my writing project unstuck and launch it in record time. Just two weeks ago I didn’t even know where to begin and now my book is on Amazon!
The challenge equipped me with the knowledge, tools, and a clear direction necessary to achieve my goal, continuous support to stay on track, feedback to adjust my actions on the go. And what is of particular value – the challenge guided me to the long-sought point where I overcame fear of exposing my writing and connected my work to the world-wide audience.
I definitely recommend this 7 Days Challenge for everyone who wants to succeed in self-publishing." -- Jenn Fiden

"I enjoyed the course offered by Eric Z. He was clear and concise, I was able to follow his direction and completed my book. It was fun seeing the project come together in such a short space of time. I really like the extra tips and links he shares for great helps in formatting the  project. His course is certainly worth the time. My book Papers, Pages and Poetry  is the result of Eric Z'z awesome  7 day Challenge." ~ M. Kari Barr

More Winners!

Lucas decided to publish his entire book during the 7 Day Challenge:

Christi got her book to #1 in category!!!

How To Write 7 SEVEN Bestsellers and GAIN MONSTER MOMENTUM with Derek Doepker

Zbooks Successful Authors Podcast - MONSTER MOMENTUM with Derek Doepker

Derek has "only" written SEVEN bestsellers!

Just one of my favorite methods of his is the "A B C D" method.
When it comes to the title and description of your book it's gotta:

  • Attention 
    • Have a Hook! 
    • If you don't hook 'em in the first SECONDS, they're gone!
  • Believable
    • Doesn't work if it's not believable
  • Curiosity
    • Have I heard this before? 
    • Use the curiosity gap!
  • Different
    • Boring = forgotten. 
    • Different "sticks" in your memory - like curiosity (above). 
BUT...I don't want to ruin everything for you. Listen and enjoy Derek's awesome tips, especially his method for gaining MONSTER MOMENTUM AND MOTIVATION!


Hooks for Books

From Visually.

How To Make $2001 Publishing Your FIRST Ever Book!

Launching Brand Identity, with Gregory Diehl.

This is one of my favorite authors and one of my FAVORITE books. Holding true to the "Digital Nomad" existance, I interview Gregory Diehl in Morrocco.
With the evening prayer blaring in the background from some UNKNOWN source in the highest (the Atlas mountains) mountains of North Africa, you can't help but imagine Humphry and Bacall, or Tim Ferris on the wing in some exotic land!

Enjoy this podcast, enjoy the LESSONS LEARNED:


Now that the dust has settled, what are the SUMS for your first month?

How To Painlessly Create a CreateSpace Book : The Simplest and Fastest Way Without ANY Software!

How to PAINLESSLY create a CreateSpace book: The simplest and fastest way without any software!

Now Available on Amazon!

In this tutorial we are going to learn how to:

  • Make a CreateSpace book
  • Make a cover for that book
  • Upload it all to CreateSpace
  • Publish the book on CreateSpace

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Making a book for Amazon's CreateSpace can be a total pain in the neck! But not anymore:[click to tweet!]

The Quickest and Easiest Way to Finish Your EBook and Get it on Amazon -- Period! (--and with all FREE Software!)

By Eric Z get more from him here SUBSCRIBE

Having problems formatting your book for Kindle?
Search no more!
I give you all you need to finish your book.
The quickest and easiest way to do that is with GoogleDocs and Calibre. (see the graphic above)
But what about the Kindle Publishing Guide?
The official guide by Amazon is “cute”. You will NOT get a working table of contents, it does not mention anything about adding pics properly and it doesn’t even go near Bullet Point or Footnotes.
You get all of that when you join Zbooks.
Join now and I will show you how to make your book and cover for FREE!

Then you are INSTANTLY profitable on launch day.
Here are some of the resources you will unlock:

The Best Way To Get Reviews in Amazon - Period!

 Free Ebook - the best way to get reviews

Are you tired of Amazon deleting reviews of your book?

Are you a new (and maybe struggling) author who needs to build his audience? – then this is THE book for you!

I have tried them all and PRE-FILTERED them for you – all of the best methods. 

In this book you will learn the JUST ONE THING and that is definitely the best way to:

• Get SUSTAINABLE reviews for your book, in Amazon or ANY platform!
• Build your base, your audience, which you can constantly count on.
• Market your book into new areas … DISCOVER new possibilities for your book that you previously had no idea about!

This is it, the best, most sustainable way to get reviews and build your base!

Read on my friends –and remember- do NOT hesitate to contact me by email for any questions about publishing your book and making it a success.

--Eric Z

"Your method is SUPER easy to use, well-researched and user-friendly. (And did I mention affordable??)  Thanks so much for this awesome ZBook!" -- Bronwyn Leroux

Reinvent Yourself and Your Business - Brand Identity Breakthrough with Gregory V. Diehl

Reinvent Yourself - Brand Identity Breakthrough with Gregory V. Diehl


I started reading this book, totally unaware of the shock I was going to get. I had heard of brand identity before, but every book and article I read about it was BOOORing!

That’s why I was freshly surprised and STOKED that I got an ARC of Gregory’s book to read, and LEARN , and BETTER myself and my business.

This “brand identity stuff” is so important, I think everyone should read this book, even if they don’t have a business.[click to tweet]

It’s about the cornerstone of human happiness —  personal development.

And if you can only have one book about brand identity, then make it this one.

At the END OF THE POST is the link to pick it up for onl $.99, get it now while it is still on pre-sale!

I decided I must share this with you and, interview this young guy who is slowly putting Tim Ferris in the shadows as he travels across 40 countries:

You’ve got a new book coming! Is this your 1st book?

It is. I’ve contributed chapters to a couple other books on things like travel and unconventional education, but this is the first full length book that’s truly all mine. I finally get to get my whole message out there exactly the way I want, and that feels really good to me as an author. So far at least, my early readers seem to appreciate the strength and uniqueness of the message. And judging by the early success it has seen, it definitely won’t be my last book. I’m already thinking ahead to what comes next, particularly about the elements of this one that relate to self-discovery and education.

Your book is ranking #2 right now in “small business”?

I’m not sure of the exact ranking because that changes pretty frequently, but it already hit #1 bestseller status in the Public Relations category two weeks before launch from preorders alone. I think it has a good chance of doing the same in Small Business. I’m not an expert on Amazon launches or rankings, but I think that’s pretty darn impressive considering how little I knew about book marketing when I started this journey. It’s now up there next to books that have hundreds of five star reviews, and some really well-known names like Dan Norris, Gary Vaynerchuck, Peter Thiel, Chris Guillebeau, and Jon Lee Dumas, I had initially hired someone to handle the marketing for me because I didn’t want to to have to think about it, but that whole thing ended up blowing up in my face and I had to learn to do it all myself. I’m glad I was able to recover so well, though part of me wonders if it could have gone even better.

Your street musician days:

That really takes me back. About ten years ago when I was still in high school, a friend and I would go out to the coast highway of North County San Diego with a violin and an acoustic guitar and play on the street for tips. It started as a playful experiment, but our entrepreneurial brains quickly figured out there was a system there to exploit, so we can up with a list of about 50 songs arranged in a specific way that we knew we could play to get a really positive response from that particular crowd. We also learned when and where to play, and even invested in equipment like amplifiers and microphones to broaden our reach. Soon we were making up to $300/hour on busy days, and getting hired to play as a duo at weddings.

I don’t think we truly appreciated it at the time, but it was a cool little obscure way to learn about concepts like market response, optimization, and brand personality that now affect everything I do in business. I think the biggest thing I learned from it was that even though we were pretty talented musicians and our performance was certainly good, it was more about the narrative of two young teenagers going out there and playing with such spirit and entrepreneurial ambition that impressed people the most - and prompted them to drop $20 to $100 in my guitar as they walked by or stayed to listen for several minutes.

I love the section “can you tell a good story” can you elaborate on that?

Sure. That’s actually the first chapter in the book in the section on why identity matters, and in a way it is the crux of the entire message. It’s about that merely having value is irrelevant. Being good at something means nothing without communication that gets others to acknowledge and accept it. And as every good teacher or salesman knows, just listing the facts about anything is not a good way to get it to stick in someone’s mind.

You have to talk or write in a way that corresponds to how we take in information, which to me is all about the use of narrative. Narratives are how we structure complex information through the use of emotion and change. They paint a picture in our mind that we find attractive and easily remember. If you can learn to talk about yourself or your company or your products in the right way, people will actually listen and become engaged. That’s very having value becomes viable.

How about authors, obviously branding applies to authors too right? Any specific tips for authors?

Haha well I’m pretty new to being an author myself, but I guess I get to use the label “bestselling” so I guess that counts for something, right? I don’t imagine it is much different than being known for any other particular theme or product. To me, everything comes down to the message, which is really an expression of core values which differentiate one person from another.

I think my background and love of education clearly come through in my writing, and that is echoed in a lot of the feedback I’ve been getting. I have never ever considered myself a marketer, but I guess you might expect something like that from a guy who wrote a book on brand identity. I’m a teacher. I’m a coach. I’m a salesman. I’m a communicator. Books are just a particularly good outlet to show those qualities off to the right kind of person. But I hope my own brand identity will extend far beyond just being an author or a guy who wrote a book that one time. I want to be known for the things I stand for, like producing specific value and improving the world through doing what you are best at.

One of my fav quotes:
“There is no faster way to garner the lasting respect of employees, partners, and consumers than to become the embodiment of an ideal.”

I actually stole that line from the movie Man of Steel. I’m a bit of a geek for superhero mythology and good movies with strong narrative themes in general, especially the big DC players like Batman and Superman because they become synonymous with themes and ideas so well. They rise above their identities as mere men. Superman is hope. Batman is fear or justice, depending on who you ask. But there’s a moment in that movie where Superman’s kryptonian dad is explaining to him why he sent him to Earth where he knew he would have incredible powers, and he says he wants to give humans an ideal to strive toward, and that he would become the embodiment and symbol of that ideal.

I talk about in the book how Superman has become one of the most well-known brand personalities in history. I think every passionate entrepreneur can have their brand become an embodiment of what they are trying to stand for - both internally with their employees and partners, or externally with their customers. It’s about more than just making revenue. It about being known for the things you stand for, and the principles you will never back down from. That’s what builds trust from others, because they know how you will always act and the things you will always strive toward, even in less-than-ideal conditions. If a man has no principles, can you really trust him with any responsibility at all?  

Yet another:
How to educate your audience:
“The greater the meaning behind your business, the harder it becomes to communicate it to the world.”
In my opinion, there was a simpler time for growing business where a lot of marketing was just centered around simple, singular features like being faster, stronger, cheaper, or whatever than your competitors. Domino's “30 minute delivery or it’s free” guarantee was a good example back in the day, which was really before my time because I am so young still. But I don’t think those branding or marketing tactics work for 99% of small business owners. I think a much more personal approach is needed, one which really shows of your personality and the dynamics of your relationship with your buyers.
And the more unique your product is in terms of the actual function it provides for people, the more you are going to have to be able to actually educate prospects why they should choose yours over another they are already more familiar with. The more expensive your product, the more true this becomes. The farther outside the existing paradigm of your audience your product and brand identity fall, the better you have to be at strategically widening it to include you.
This isn’t just about branding. History is full of great scientists, philosophers, artists, and inventors who were just too far ahead of their time. They were mostly ignored, or even scorned, while they were alive. And then generations later everyone else finally catches up to where they were and thinks they were the greatest. We just aren’t wired to accept things that are too new, unless we can be educated and lower our resistance to change.  

I really like your questions at the end of the book - great guide that cuts to the chase...
A lot of the work I do with people revolves around the acts of questioning and introspection. Sometimes just being asked a highly targeted question and forced to sit with it until a meaningful answer arises is all someone needs to have a major breakthrough about their own identity - whether that’s for their business or life in general. A lot of people just don’t know what direction to look in, or give up too soon in the process when easy answers present themselves. You have to go deeper than that. You have to be willing to be uncomfortable and sit with that dissonance until you finally “get it”.

The kinds of questions I like to ask business owners make them think differently about something they think they understand. If you can’t tell me what might prevent someone from getting the full intended value of using your services, you haven’t really looked at them from an outsider’s perspective. If you don’t know what specific emotions customers should be associating with your brand, you won’t be able to direct that experience. If you can’t explain how your product accomplishes a specific result in a way a 10-year-old could understand, you haven’t learned to communicate well enough.

I can’t resist, now that I have you here: have you seen my website and “brand” - any quick suggestions?
Well, I’m not the guy to ask about visuals or website design. I’m kind of clueless when it comes to how things are supposed to look, beyond basic emotional qualities. I have other people who help me with that. But what I can talk to you about is your narrative - the story you want people to instantly be living when they encounter you.

I’m biased now because I’ve communicated quite a bit with you and worked with you, but it seems to me that your goal is to come across as the guy who can help independent authors have the same advantages they would get by going through a traditional publisher - putting power back into the hands of the little guy determined to make it on his own. So you’ve obviously have a few services listed that show me some of the ways you can help me do that, You use a certain phrase on there a lot, like “do-it-yourselfers”, which I think could be made a stronger part of the brand appeal so that when someone like me (whom that term very much applies to) hears about you or comes onto your site they instantly think, “wow, this guy knows exactly what I am looking for”. Even if your services are identical to some others out there, by showing off more what kind of person you are specifically offering them for, you become a lot more attractive to them.

The general advice I would give to anyone is to focus on who you are (your brand personality), what you offer (the function of your products and services), and why a specific type of person should care (your unique target demographic). Those can all be combined into a really attractive company narrative.

The story about the blank check from the family in China really resonates too, were you disappointed in China? -Or- tell me more about the differences...

Any more books in the making?
Yes. I’m reviewing many of the articles I used to write on unconventional parenting and education during the years I was traveling and teaching in places like Iraq, China, and Italy and observed so many different ways that parents and society try to raise children. That will definitely appear as a full-length book at some point in the near future. Beyond that, I’d really like to start focusing more on the “Identity” part of what is covered in “Brand Identity Breakthrough”. As I see it, this first book is the concept of identity as applied to business. I would like to explore applying it to other domains of life like romance, child rearing, purpose, and self-discovery as a whole.

Do you get writer’s block?
That sort of depends what you mean. I think most people would consider writer's block to be a state where you can’t think of what to write next. I think I have the opposite problem. I have so many ideas whipping around in my head at lightning speed that it can be hard to latch on to the right one for a significant period of time. I just have to go with what is available to me at the moment and try to organize it all together in a logically sequential way later on. To me it’s like being in the middle of a very busy intersection and dodging the thousands of cars going past you in all directions, and trying to spot the one your friend is driving before he passes by. I don’t know if other writers have this problem, but the right kind of driving string-heavy music often helps me thin out the herd of what I call my thoughtstreams.

What’s in the immediate future for you - projects?
I’m about to finish turning Brand Identity Breakthrough into an online course with the help of a group called Monetize Your Expertise who were thoroughly impressed with the message and really understand how to take big messages like this and make them work in the online course format.

As far as working with people directly, at this point I really only want to work with people who have something they are extremely passionate about and which is extremely important that they want to get out to the world in a better way. I love money. Money is wonderful. Every entrepreneur who produces something of real value should want to make as much money as possible because that is a direct indicator of how many people they are helping. But I’m at a point where is has to be about more than just the numbers. I need a real emotional contribution for myself, and that comes from seeing lives improved in specific ways that I find particularly admirable. I enjoy working most with people or companies involved in personal development, education, health, and social development of some kind, which includes personal sovereignty and wealth.

If you could do it all over again, what would you do different?
What do you wish you knew in the beginning that you know now?
Your first book making experience: You were ripped off for 5,000?
It is sort of a trick question to think if I would have done things differently at the start. There was a very unfortunate part of my origin story as an author that I will have to live with, but I have been fortunate enough to turn it into something with a net positive outcome.
What had happened was that about a year ago in the very early stages of creating Brand Identity Breakthrough, I had been in contact with a woman named Shola Abidoye, the owner of Convertport, who was a member of a location independent entrepreneur community I am part of called the Dynamite Circle. She made the offer to help me produce the manuscript, publish, and market it until bestseller status was achieved. It took me much longer than it should have to realize I was being conned by someone who didn’t know how to do the things she claimed, but I was so green in this area myself that I ignored my better judgment.

What I should have done was taken this project on myself from the very beginning. I knew I was a good writer with good, original ideas. I just didn’t have enough confidence in myself to write a real book and really go for it with the marketing. Long story short, she wasted nine months of my time and stole $5,000 of my money with almost thing to show for it in return. I was pretty emotionally upset by that, more because of the betrayal and the fact that she had set my expectations so high before dropping them. I was really looking forward to finally getting my name and message out there.

So it was when all that when down that I had to make the choice of whether or not I cared enough to complete the book on my own and come up with a plan for getting it in front of enough people for it to mean something. That was back at the beginning of the year. I went into overdrive then and studied as much about book promotion as I could, while working with a group of beta readers to help me refine the very rough draft of the book I had.

A lot of people started coming out of the woodwork to help me in whatever ways they could when they heard about how I had been ripped off and hung out to dry by a woman who showed no sympathy or remorse. I definitely wasn’t going for sympathy, but it helped a lot to have advice from more established professionals who could help me avoid years of trial and error with my website, book visuals, and overall image. They are all acknowledged in the book.

So while it was pretty crappy that it happened the way it did, I can honestly say it is unlikely I ever would have written the book I have now, and which has already been a success, if I had not been so motivated to recover from that big hit I took from one very unscrupulous con artist who set this whole thing into motion. Subsequently, that means I also probably wouldn’t write and of the future books I foresee happening next. So I guess you could say I finally got my money’s worth!

I suppose that if I had to do anything differently, I would have gotten started sooner. I was always a good writer, and I had a lot of things to say years ago. I just never took the time to consider how relatively easy it would be to self-publish a book, once you make it through some of the basic learning curves. And there are people out there who can help you with the technical details you don’t want to have to tackle yourself. I just want to write and publish - not deal with cover designs, ebook formatting, and Facebook ads, you know?

You have a couple of ex-pat/digital nomad case studies which really interest me. Since you have been a world traveller now, which country do you think is the best balance between taxes, rights, freedoms and well the important things!?
[one of my favorite questions, no matter where you go, every country sucks in some way]

I’ve been to about 40 countries now in nearly every continent, sometimes staying a day, sometimes months, and up to a year with some others. For lifestyle, I immediately fell in love with Latin America - Mexico, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and even buying property in the lush valley of southern Ecuador when I am planning my “early retirement”, so to speak. I adore the slow pace of life, immersion with nature, low cost of living, and general welcoming personalities of the people.

That being said, I still love exploring and discovering both the good and bad qualities of other places. I recently received citizenship by descent in Armenia because of my family history there, and am putting down some roots just north of there in Georgia. That part of the world really feels like taking a trip back in time. It is so undiscovered compared to almost anywhere else that is stable and comfortable. I spent a lot of time in Asia, which I both loved and hated. China showed me some of the worst parts of humanity on a massive scale, while the Philippines were laid back and simple.

I have barely scratched into Africa, but I found volunteering in Ghana to teach the youth about entrepreneurship very rewarding and culturally enlightening. I’d like to see more because it’s just such a big place that relatively few travelers spend a lot of time in, and in some ways it feels so undeveloped.  

I have worked with a lot of people who help others branch out of their native country by setting up companies, bank accounts, residency, investments, and citizenship in other places, so that has really taught me a lot on my global journey, and now I am in a position to help other people with similar goals do the same.

I started traveling when I was right out of high school, so I was very primitive and ad hoc with it at first. Now I’m a professional of sorts, and I’m very informed. I know how to run my business from a laptop with even a slow wifi connection in the developing world. Russia and Estonia are coming up next on my list. My goal is really just to understand humanity in all its ways of being on this planet. Again - it’s that whole identity thing again. Who are we? Why do we exist the ways that we do? What else can we become? Those are the questions which excite me, and why I keep doing what I do.


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