Zbooks Interview with Dr.Bernie Siegel : Jungian Symbology and Interpretation of Drawings

  • Eclusive Interview with Dr.Bernie Siegel!
  • What do your drawings mean? Symbology and Colors and more...

Dr.Bernie Siegel's resume and life experience is longer than Sigmund Freud's and Carl Jung's combined!

It was an honor to interview him and ask him ANY questions I wanted.
One of my favorite, just as an example:

At the hospital radiology department, UNBEKNOWNST to the radiologist, the machine was not working.
The radioactive element was NOT installed.

The radiologist however treated people for ONE MONTH with the "empty" machine.
The patients all improved as if they had been treated with a normal working machine!!!

Listen in to this interview for one JAW DROPPER after another!


"Consciousness can be experienced as a universal field that affects us all, and studies by quantum physicists have verified this."




An Effortless Strategy to Build Your list and Stimulate Reviews. Podcast with Larry Froncek from VoraciousReadersOnly.com

The New Best Way to Build Your List (and get some reviews)!

Since Amazon has "kicked" the 3rd parties from their API and made it impossible to contact reviewers, the easy way to get reviews is GONE.


The mother of invention comes on cue and a new service fills the void!


Listen in as @ErocZ of Zbooks.co takes a deep dive with Larry Froncek of VoraciousReadersOnly.com on:
--Email lists and list building
--Facebook Ads
--Building a Business
--Book Promotions
--Validating a product/service
--Getting reviews
--A-B testing book covers
--Book blurbs, log lines, hooks
and more!...


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How To Do Amazon Ads RIGHT with Brian Meeks: Hardcore Lessons! [Podcast]

Learn how to do AMAZON ADS right

Boy did I get a REALITY check,

I thought I already was doing them right until Brian Meeks gave me some hardcore lessons.

Listen in as we take a deep dive with the Master of Amazon Ads - Brian Meeks:


Reality Check #1: ACoS Sucks!
He wishes that Amazon wouldn't even include it in the Ads Dashboard...


Instead of focusing on ACoS, which is simply the sales divided by spend, we should look at the entire picture.

That is, how much End to End profit does our ad really make?

You have to measure EVERYTHING, from KENP pages read, to KU downloads and "Read Through".

Only when you have the whole picture can calculate if your ad was really profitable.
Because it's all about CLV: "Customer Lifetime Value."
I love his approach and how he reverse engineers things.

Because once you have the whole picture of your book sales, you can then figure out EXACTLY how much you can pay per click for an ad.

CLV is nothing new actually, but us book authors, well, you know we are a special case ;-) 

The point is to calculate your CLV so you can then know how much you can pay per click to get that initial sale.

A simple example:

  • You have a non-fiction book for 5.99
  • You offer a video course on your website for 49.99
If 1 out of every 20 readers buys the course: 49.99/20=2.50 (rounded up)

This means you have 50 bucks to make 20 sales and break even.

Let's call that $2.50 Earnings per reader.

You know it takes 20 readers to make ONE 49.99 sale.
And you can pay up to 2.50 per reader to make that sale.

However...not everyone who clicks on your ad buys the book.

So you have to know exactly how well your book's description on the Amazon sales page converts too:

You have to figure out the conversion rate of your ad. The "1 in X"!
If your ad is converting at 1 in 20 then:  2.50/20=0.125, which means you can spend .12 big cents on your cpc bid, just to break even.

However, what if your ad is converting at 1 in 10?
Then you can spen .24 cents on your cpc bid!
Reality Check #2 We are bidding TOO HIGH!


If you run an ad, and it’s crushing it for TWO months (e.g. it gets 30-40k impressions per day for two months) – what does that tell you? What’s happened with that ad?
Well you're just going to have to listen to the podcast! (C'mon - you didn't think I would give it away that easy did ya?)
(note however my answer to this question in the podcast = FAIL!)

Rule of thumb: NEVER change the bids on your ads -- it screws up your statistics.
Reality Check #3Your book's description i.e. AD COPY makes ALL of the difference in the world!
That's another thing I like about Brian's book: 
You not only get the DEFINITIVE guide on Amazon ads, but also an excellent tutorial on COPYWRITING!
2 books in 1!
Remember to buy and READ Brian's book FIRST, and then join his Facebook Group -- it's awesome!

 Get the book!

Get Brian's Course Mastering Amazon Ads Here

Topics in this podcast+Show Notes:

·         Genre Hopping
·         Blogging
·         Copywriting – DESCRIPTIONS!
o   HOOK
o   NOT more than 6 words!!!
o   1st line should look like ONE word
·         Conversion
·         CPC bidding!
·         In KU or not?
o   In KU One in 10
o   NOT in KU One in 20
·         ACoS
·         Improving the bottom line!
·         Statistical Variance
o   (Law of Large Numbers!)
·         Ad converts at 1:5 BUT DESCRIPTION converts at 1:30 !
o   What is conversion rate for your BOOK/description?
·         BACKMATTER
§  We’re all doing it WRONG!
·         Brian’s course
·         20 books to 50k
o   Michael Anderle
·         Ad Week – Joseph SUGARMAN
·         Don’t copy other authors!
o   Are you leaving $ on the table?
·         A-B testing
o   Can’t be done with Amazon ads
·         How to SCALE Amazon Ads
·         Audience Exhaustion
o   Rarely happens – even in UKELELE instruction
o   You’re only going to get 5 – 7 good days out of an ad, you’re gonna be killing ads all the time anyway (!)
·         QUIZ!!!
o   If you run an ad, and it’s crushing it for TWO months (e.g. it gets 30-40k impressions per day for two months) – what does that tell you? What’s happened with that ad?
·         CLV
o   Calculate your CLV!
§  Kenp
§  KU downloads
§  Read Through
§  ALL other tertiary sales/numbers
·         Go deep
o   If you have multiple series; pick ONE and focus on it!
·         Mastermind groups
·         Favorite book: Candide – Voltaire
·         Fav author: Elmore Leonard
o   Get Shorty
o   Jacky Brown
o   Valdez is Coming – Western – First book – mindblowing ending!
·         #1 tip for beginning authors
o   Build that list!
·         #1 tip for intermediate/advanced authors
o   Buckle down and learn analytics
·         Las Vegas
·         Public speaking
·         DO THE MATH!
·         7 day moving average vs 21 day moving average
·         Running ads to the first book in a series
·         Back Matter

Coffee & Crime in California with Anita Rodgers! Zbooks Successful Authors Podcast

Go on a deep dive with Zbooks and Anita Rodgers! 

She is a successful Crime Series Author - NOT an easy thing to do - listen in as she gives her insider tips and techniques.
Goodness Guaranteed!


Topics in this podcast:

10X Your Book Business with the James Bond of Independent Publishing: Tyler Wagner! [PODCAST]

In this episode Eric Z learns Insider Tips from Tyler Wagner about how to 10X your business by building the Perfect Funnel and using Podcasts to multiply your efforts EXPONENTIALLY! 

Yeah--that has Awesome Sauce all over it!

In this podcast:


The Perfect Funnel For Authors

Another #1 Thanks to KdpRocket : Exactly How I Did It! [VIDEO]

Thanks @DaveChesson  and KdpRocket for another #1 book ranking!

This started out as a book cover A-B-C test and quickly wound up a #1 thanks to KdpRocket!
Step 1.) Publish Your Book on KDP
Step 2.) Search for categories for your book with KDPROCKET
Step 3.) Choose the BEST 10 categories for your book
Step 4.) Start a help ticket with Amazon/KDP and ask them to add your book to those 10 categories...
Step 5.) BOOM! Better rankings guaranteed ;-)
*You would be supporting me if you used my affiliate link to BUY KDPROCKET:*

You can see the books here: http://geni.us/monsterAliens 
(remember that -zon updates the ratings HOURLY)

About Step 3:
Because I made this video very quickly, I want to explain step 3 again...better:
I had previously published a book in this series as a PERMA-FREE book.
And these 3 books are also FREE.
In the spreadsheet from KdpRocket, it shows the "ABSR" = Amazon Book Sales Rank... i.e. the PAID book sales rank.
KdpRocket shows you the sales rank of the #1 book in the category, AND the #20 book in the category.
The #20 book is important -- it is your BARRIER TO ENTRY!
Your job as an Amazon author is to get your book on the FIRST page of search results for your given category and keyword. THAT IS THE #20 book on that page!
Because I had previously published a perma-free book in this series, I had a target to shoot for: 21,000 ABSR.
However, I had to look in the FREE SECTION of Amazon (because I am publishing a free book, simple, right?) KdPRocket gives you the ABSR of the paid (or normal section) books in Amazon.
As you can see in the video, it was easy to correlate on my spreadsheet the PAID books ABSR to the FREE books ABSR by simply noting where my current categories ranked against the others.
Did you know you can add your book to TEN CATEGORIES in Amazon?!
You can and you should! 
Those categories are a gift, and the best way to ace 'em is with KdpRocket!
p.p.s. This was a very spontaneous vid that I made on my "ersatz" windoze computer, so please forgive me of the audio quality.
#Succesful #Authors #KdpRocket  @DaveChesson #Kindle #Amazon

Indomitable Spirit, Motivational Books, and Charity: Interview with David Bird!

This is a Human Story of Courage

David was born with a disfigurement, (I'll leave the details out: listen to the interview!), and had to OVERCOME many challenges in his life. 

Listen in as we talk about handicaps, charity, overcoming challenges, dealing with bullies, and publishing books too! 

His Book:

My Positive Face of Disfigurement

The Podcast


My Positive Face of Disfigurement - Book Cover Image pic
David's book of COURAGE!

How To ACE Historical Fiction: Podcast Interview with Harald Johnson!

I had the wonderful opportunity to interview Harald Johnson, a Historical Fiction MEISTER!

Harald has many years of experience in so many topics, it's impossible to cover them here. 

Listen in as he unfolds the RICH History of New York, and at the same time, how to "do" Historical Fiction right. 

Harald has a depth of experience that I have rarely encountered before. 

From Marketing, to Design, and of course writing CAPTIVATING books (!) well...we will have to do another podcast to cover the rest! 

Topics Covered:
·         Bookbub ads
·         Marketing (media director?)
·         DPI vs Pixel mass/dimensions – Printing industry
·         The perfect Ebook cover dimensions
·         KDP select vs “going wide”
·         Traditional Publishing vs Independent Publishing (Hint: Indie Kicks Trad’s arsch!)
·         The Concept is NOT the premise
·         Amazon Ads (AMS: Amazon Marketing Services)
·         Pay Per Click Advertising
·         “Trickle” ads with minimum bids
·         Fiction vs Nonfiction characters
·         Outlining
·         Henry Hudson
·         East India Company vs West India Company
·         New Amstersdam vs New York
·         Dutch vs British colonists
·         Manahatta: The Island of Many Hills
·         Algonquin speaking Lenape Native American Indians
·         Jamestown
·         Beavers J
·         Swimming the Hudson!
·         Book promotion
·         Quora ads
·         The New World movie with Colin Farrell, Pocahontas (Q'orianka Kilcher)
·         Stephen King’s “11-22-63”
·         Split timelines
·         Ken Follett
·         Chapter length vs Scenes

Enjoy this deep dive into everything from marketing books to Pocahontas!

Harald Johnson's new Omnibus Edition "New York 1609" is launching THIS week!

Make sure to pick it up; it's the culmination of FOUR separate ebooks for only $.99 this week only!

I Met the Muhammad Ali of Ebooks - and Survived for 67 minutes! : Podcast Interview With Steve Scott

The Way of the Successful Author Series: Interview with Steve Scott the Undisputed Champion of Independent Publishing!

In this interview you will learn about:
  • The #1 tip for beginning authors
  • The #1 tip for intermediate and advanced authors
  • How to sustain sales
  • How to validate your book idea
  • Amazon Ads - "Sponsored Ads"
  • Accountability Partners vs Mentors
  • Foreign rights and translating your book
Steve Scott has over 50+ books on Amazon. He has published 10 books per year and made a CONSISTENT 5 digit monthly income with his book palette. Let that sink in...

This consistency is no fluke. It's the result of hard work, planning, and in his own words "Laying the foundation":
"The most important tip is to lay the foundation" -- Steve ScottThe Muhammad Ali of Ebooks [click to tweet]

This kind of consistency is also what SEPARATES the men from the boys, and the one-hit wonders from the true champions like Muhammad Ali, or in this case Steve Scott.

CONSISTENCY, something us authors need more of! 
Listen and enjoy Steve's golden advice from the self-publishing ring:



Steve's Top 6 Books Infographic:

Muhammad Ali's Top Quotes

How To Save America - AND Publish a Book! : Podcast Interview With Eric Martin

What do you do when you are SICK OF IT ALL? 

Run for office! 

Not only did Eric Martin run for the house of representatives, but he published a book to accompany his journey and solidify his platform.

What a GREAT strategy!
Listen in on the insights that Eric Martin won while trying save the nation -- and publish his book!

It does not take a majority to prevail...but rather an irate, tireless minority, keen on settings brush fires of freedom in the minds of men. -- Samuel Adams
Enjoy the Re-Ignited Zbooks successful authors podcast:

Liberation Day - By Eric Martin

Eric Martin:

Programs/services/software used:

  • Reedsy
  • Grammarly
  • 99 Designs (look at that cover!)

People mentioned (in book AND podcast):

  • -- Scott Adams
  • -- Scott Perry 
  • -- Samuel Adams 
  • -- Thomas Jefferson 
  • -- Ron Paul 
  • -- Rand Paul 
  • -- Wolf Blitzer 
  • -- Donald Trump
  • -- Hillary Clinton

CreateSpace or KDP Print? Which One Should YOU Use?

Tell me your requirements and I'll tell you which one is best!

With this super simple breakdown, your decision is super simple! (and easy too ;-)

UPDATE! 31 May 2018 -- Make sure to scroll down to the bottom of this post for an important update!
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As you can see in the table above, I put a lot of weight on the ability to update your print books “on the fly.”

When you update your print book in CreateSpace, they will “freeze” your book during the changes and review process.

Your Amazon salespage shows “not available at this time” !!!! — and will instead put a link to other suppliers (if any)!

That means you get ZERO sales.

But it is much worse than this. The problem is, this also “breaks the algorithm.”

If you just launched your book, and it is enjoying a good run in Amazon, i.e. Amazon’s A9 algorithm has picked it up and is showing it more and more — well you just broke that connection.


This can be the end of your sales for a long time :-(

When you publish your book with KDP print however, it is just like your Ebooks, you can make changes on the fly, and it doesn’t matter! Your book will be shown, and the older version will still be available until your edits are live.

This is a big deal for me because I like to “bang” the books out as fast as possible and make updates as I go.

I will be publishing my print books with KDP print from now on.

There is however one big reason to still use CreateSpace.

Buying copies at cost.

With CreateSpace you can buy copies at your cost (wholesale) and send them as gifts or as ARC’s (advanced reader copies) to your Beta-readers or street team or ambassadors.

This is also a HUGE point.

Because if you are launching a book, and getting your beta-readers involved, well that can get quite expensive if you have to send everyone a copy of your book through the KDP interface.

With CreateSpace you just buy a copy at your price and send it to your readers = awesome!

With KDP print, you have to buy the book through the normal Amazon salespage! That means you pay full price for the book, and get royalties later. Which does work out to be much more than buying at cost.
I want to be able to change my book on the fly, AND order ARC copies at cost.
For my specific requirements, and my way of publishing though, KDP Print works better.
Don’t Put All Your Eggs in ONE Basket.
Another Suuuuper important point is that CreateSpace, although owned by Amazon, is stil a different company with a different customer service.
This can become an issue reeaally quick!
For example, Amazon blocked one of my Ebooks because I had included an open domain pic from Wikipedia.
After days and days of pleading with them — they kept it blocked — even though I had corrected the “bad” pic.
Solution: I published the print version on CreateSpace — boom! — no problem!
Amazon are real JERKS about using Wikipedia as a source.
CreateSpace is not.
As a matter of fact, I no longer include the word “wiki” in any of my books anymore.
I have even had books temporarily blocked because I included a citation from wikipedia!
This is seriously lame, because it is totally normal and acceptable to reference Wikipedia nowadays. But it looks like Amazon has some kind of checker in their review process that automatically scans your manuscript for “wiki” and if found — blocks it!
So if you are writing a book, ebook or print (remember I recommend to make BOTH) and you have a lot of citations and notes to wikipedia, I seriously recommend you start the print book in CreateSpace.
The above are my three main criteria. You can also see in the table above that I don’t place much weight on expanded distribution, ease of use, 5 vs 7 keywords, and having one dashboard.
The first point (changes on the fly) and second point (ARC copies at cost) are the two that really break the bank for me.
So in order to make it SUUUPER simple, we can put it this way:
  1. If you are like me and need to make a lot of changes after publishing — use KDP Print.
  2. If you have to order A LOT of ARC copies — definitely use CreateSpace.
Another hybrid method comes to mind. What if you want both, like me?
Well you could publish your print book on CreateSpace FIRST, order tons of ARC copies and send them to your readers.
Then when your launch is over, and you find you have to make some updates or changes, MIGRATE your book to the KDP platform.
This is a ONE click issue, and Amazon makes it really easy.
Now this does entail some work, and you will indeed have to input or change some stuff in your KDP dashboard when the migration is over, but this is the only way to have the best of both worlds.
So make sure you have all of the ARC copies you need before you hit that button.

What about the keywords and categories?
In KDP you get 7 keywords, in CreateSpace you get 5.
In KDP you also choose categories according to Amazon’s own category structure, or tree. In CreateSpace they use the BISAC categories (Book Industry Standards and Communications) which are much different than Amazon’s.

I don’t consider this to make a big difference, because you can add the Amazon categories to your CreateSpace book after publishing it.

Createspace customer service is very good and all you do is write them an email and tell them to add your book to a chosen category.
You send them the exact AMAZON category like this: Books>childrens books>animals>crocodiles . 
This way you can add your book to TEN AMAZON categories! I’ve done it(!), just give CreateSpace ten “>chains>” and they will add your book to them.

For example, I noticed my book “Navy SEALs for Kids” was only showing in ONE category. So I quickly went and looked at the categories that the Bestseller “Extreme Ownership” was in. I copied and pasted and sent them to CreateSpace (through the help desk) and they added them within two days.

So it is after the fact, or better said; after publishing, but for that reason I don't consider it a big difference. I put all of my CreateSpace books in specific Amazon categories (after lotsa research!) right after I publish them.

KDP = 7 and CreateSpace = 5.

This does bug me indeed. So I make sure to make every book I publish part of a series. Even if it is a ONE book series. This way I get more keywords.
Those keywords are a gift — use ‘em!
That’s it for now my friends — please leave your comments on my YouTube Channel:


You can now advertise a PRINT book with Amazon Ads (AMS - Amazon Marketing Services).
Even if you DON'T have an Ebook.
Yes that's right.
As of now, if you publish your print book with KDP print, you can advertise it with Amazon ads.
This is NOT available for CreateSpace published books.

I will definitely be publishing all of my print books with KDP Print now :-)

KDP Print VS CreateSpace - Which One is "Best" ?