Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Google Play Books - The FREE Lead Generator!

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The other day I visited my cousin.
He has FIVE kids, from six to 15 years old.
And each and EVERY one of them has a tablet (!), but not an iPad, an ANDROID tablet.
Seriously, if you have five kids, can you afford an iPad for each one?
What works best?
What is automatically and seamlessly integrated in Android?
And for that matter, all of Google’s platform.
I watched his kids play games like crazy, most of them free, and then the light bulb went on:
If you want to reach the kids – go to Google Play!
Case in point:
My Navy Seals book is gaining traction, and without any real work or intensive marketing.

Check out the reviews, those are all organic!
34 ratings and 3 written reviews:
I didn’t solicit them or send to a list or trawl the web – nothing. I just put my book in there and waited. That’s the power of FREE.
Now the really magnificent thing about Google Play is … Google.
You see all of those reviewers?
All I have to do now is hover over their name and I get  pulldown menu: “ADD TO CIRCLES”.

⬆So I made a new circle called “Reviewers”.

Just guess who is going to get my next book for free? Or the next hot tip on a book sale?
Additionally you can see exactly what your reviewers buy in the google play store.
My friends, this is PROFOUND!
This kind of “reverse look-up” is usually a PAID feature in many other platforms and software (look at buzzsumo’s awesome tool here or
And it’s built-in in Google.
Those are called “leads” and as budding authors we should all be collecting them.
Google’s add to circles function is a built in Lead Collector.
  1. Again and again : FREE  works!
  2. Google Play works great for Kids Ebooks
Actionable Action:

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