Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Sensei's Book - Ebook Makeover & Repair

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Back in the 90’s I learned Judo from a real live Samurai in Orange County — Nori Bunasawa .  He’s what we call a “rock”. You can't move him, but he can move you. When a good Judoka gets ahold of you, it’s an uneasy feeling, they are always one step ahead and can manipulate your balance — to their advantage.  However, when a real master gets ahold of you, it’s much, much more profound. The famous words were “It’s like fighting with an empty shirt”!  
A judo master isn’t just one step ahead of you, he’s hundreds of steps ahead of you.  He’s levels above you, orders of magnitudes above you.  When a normal black belt gets ahold of you in judo, it’s an uneasy and annoying thing, they manipulate your balance and throw you. If done well, in a perfect arc. But when you randori with a master, it’s like falling into nothingness. You’re almost afraid of what’s going to come next, because you know any bit of force you use will be transferred into something else — not in your favor. “Fighting with an empty shirt!”  
This is the magic known as judo. Getting the perfect throw, especially against someone bigger than you, is much more magical than scoring a knock-out punch in a boxing match. It’s the perfect culmination of speed, force, and movement, applied at the perfect time, with maximum efficient use of mind and body. That’s real judo, and once you do achieve this, you will be hooked!
Mr. Bunasawa is the real deal, a real Sensei in the traditional sense. If you want to learn real traditional judo then go to Bunasawakai.

You can understand my excitement when I stumbled upon a book about the Judo legend Mitsuyo Maeda in Amazon, written by my Sensei!

However, there is room for improvement in the cover. And look what happened to the formatting:
Screenshot 2015-05-02 at 00.26.10.png

Looks like someone uploaded a word.docx — look at the Table of Contents! That just won’t do. So I immediately set off to making him some new covers:

This last one is my definite favorite. Although the ones with the beige background I found much more visually pleasing, we are going for eye-catching thumbnails in Amazon right? In that case the first and last ones win — hands down.
Next we gotta work on that manuscript and some better formatting.

To be continued....

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