Saturday, April 4, 2015

CAL’s New Books -FREE- for the next 5 days! The Bleeding Edge of Beat Poetry and Multimedia Ebooks.

By Eric Z follow him  HERE

I am insanely proud to introduce two new books from our member CAL!  

Cal is the BLEEDING edge of modern beat poetry. Direct from the swamps of Florida and the caverns of California: his visceral poetry will strike a nerve in you. That’s exactly what I like about his art, it awakens parts of our soul that we have forgotten. Remember them — with Cal. — E.Z.

CAL has already been really prolific in and has over 900(!) poems there.  He wanted to make an Ebook AND he wanted to make it work with his poems on Soundcloud. I told him “no problem,” let’s do it!

Here are the first two covers I whipped up for him:


The really cool thing about these books is the link after each poem to his soundcloud audio.  This works really good on iPads and Android tablets (of course on Kindle Fires too!).

Kindle reading app on an Android screenshots:
Screenshot_2015-04-04-22-13-40.png  Screenshot_2015-04-04-22-14-07.png  Screenshot_2015-04-04-22-14-47.png
If you are going to make an Ebook, why not exploit the medium for all it’s worth —  the full multimedia experience?  Now I wouldn’t go so far as embedding audio or video (you may get a download penalty in Amazon which eats into your profits), but a link to the audio on soundcloud is a marvelous idea!

Get ‘em while they’re hot, the first one is FREE! — and the second one is too, if you enter THE SOUL ASYLUM.

What do you want me to make next? Let me know?>>>


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