Monday, November 9, 2015

The Most Awesome SEO Blueprint Ever Conceived in Broad Daylight: Interview With Dave Chesson of Kindlepreneur

Zbooks SEO Podcast Interview with Dave Chesson,
In this podcast+post we cover:

  • The SEO Blueprint for Authors
  • Finding and Targeting Keywords
  • Keyword Tools
  • Amazon Associates
  • Website Monitoring and Metrics
  • The Future of Ebooks
  • Disappearing Camels!
"I may not be a best author, but I am a best selling author."-- Dave Chesson, Kindlepreneur   click to tweet!
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Did you see that? Average monthly book income = $3894! -- and only 1,723 cups of coffee!

Last week I had the excellent opportunity to interview a non-fiction AND SEO master, the one and only Dave Chesson of!

If you are not familiar with SEO, it's "Search Engine Optimization", and it's the difference between a "Disappearing Camel" or a "Steady Stream".


You see most authors don't want to bother with a complicated website, they just want to publish in Amazon and let Amazon "do the rest". BIG mistake!

The Question is: Do you want a disappearing camel, or a steady stream?
Tweet: The Question IS: Would you like a disappearing camel, or a steady stream? #DaveChesson #Ebooks #SEO #KDP

Your author website is your hub, everything you do in cyberspace should point back to your website.

And when you get your SEO right, it will supply a steady stream of sales, instead of the "disappearing Camels" you get when you launch a book in Amazon, or do an occasional promotion.

Book 1 on Amazon, mind you, when I published it over a year ago, it did much better:

Disappearing Camels!

The exact same book being sold directly on my blog with the overlay. I offer the book as .pdf, .mobi, or .epub, -OR- as a "mega pack" = all of the above. This packaging or "tiers" is just not possible with Amazon:

Steady Stream = Much Better!

SEO is NOT easy, but if you ask me, I LOVE this technique as compared to "just" publishing in Amazon. And it can make a non-profitable book in Amazon, profitable on your blog!

Listen to Dave's valuable and surprisingly awesome information in the podcast, for example how he uses Amazon Associate links to research who his target readers REALLY are, and when you are done, check out The Most Awesome SEO Infographic Ever Conceived in Broad Daylight! Brought to you by Dave and myself. 

It's hyperlinked to all the goodies so click around to your heart's content -and yes- some of those are my affiliate links, so if you like what I have made, and it adds value to your process, please use them!

This is the most awesome SEO BLUEPRINT FOR AUTHORS, and at the same time the most effective compilation of the best resources and links to take you step by step from SEO Noob to SEO MEISTER and make your books PROFITABLE!

SEO for Authors Blueprint

EVERY object and word in this graphic is clickable - click on them and see what happens!

Live Examples of this Blueprint at work:

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