Friday, September 4, 2015

First Results From Facebook Ads For Authors Crash Course

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I have been trying my hand at Facebook Ads to boost sign-ups to my upcoming book "BE FREUD".

If you missed the most AWESOME interview with Mike Shreeve, please go listen to it now before proceeding, -YES- , it's that good.

First off, the immediate results are not from employing Mike's special techniques, but from Nick Stephenson's and Mark Dawson's, which you will also learn in Facebook Ads For Authors.
I did this because I do not have a series right now that I want to promote, AND, I wanted to see the exact results in sign-ups by sending people to a website with my facebook pixel on it.

The first results are in, and they are GOOD:

Can you see where I started the campaign? 

Easy: 1 September.

Averaging 5 new subscribers per day to Be Freud at 5$ per day! = 1$ per subscriber. Now if I can realize that later and optimize my CLV (Customer Lifetime Value) depends on the back end of my funnel or book campaign. In this case I'm going for sign-ups, for that they get a free cheatsheet, and the full version of the book for FREE when I launch it -- in exchange for an honest review, of course.
Note on Psychology: In my website they "WIN" the book. This makes a BIG difference. Instead of saying, "Sign up now and get my book for free", you should have them win it buy signing up. This is no small nuance, it makes a profound difference in the mind of the viewer, YOUR potential customer!
The cool thing? 

Looks like I can keep this up as long as I want.

I rapidly got to these results by A/B testing my ads, (and just as easily making the graphics with!) and only letting the best one run.

Can you guess which AD was the most effective?

This one! With a cost of 18 cents per click it was the LOWEST cost and had the HIGHEST yield. As a matter of fact the 5 sign-ups on the first day came all from this ad.

Pro tip#1Use the call to action "DOWNLOAD" on your facebook button in the ad.

Next Actions:
REMEMBER -- we are also doing this to "load" that audience pixel residing on our website. Once I get enough "active Facebook Users" on the pixel, I can make a look alike audience in FB and target up to 23 MILLION users with the same exact interests.

That's phase 2 my friends, and that's in the next post,
Stay tuned...


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