Facebook Ads For Authors - Crash Course

Set up your first Facebook ad like the pro's !
You don't need to spend $500 - $1000 dollars to make an effective Facebook ad!

"Before Eric's course, I did not know how to run a Facebook ad. After going through it, I am now achieving positive ROI on ads every single day! Highly recommended course, without the $500 price tag!" --Tony

This Crash Course is tailored JUST FOR AUTHORS, and is perfect for beginners.
In this course you will learn:

  • What the heck is a facebook pixel!?
  • How to install the pixel on your website
  • The Secret "Killer" Technique of the pro's - the "look alike audience"!
  • How to set up your books to drive the "Right" readers to your website
  • How to optimize your Facebook Ads to MAXIMIZE your results!

You get:

  • 11 videos
  • 1 Pdf Ebook/Presentation 100+ pages!
  • 1 Checklist
  • Lifetime updates. I am constantly adding to this course, it will finally be put on a new platform:
  • LIFETIME membership to this course on the www.Bookmaster.co platform.
  • Email Support!
Get the Early-Bird discount: You should buy this course now, because when the Bookmaster.co platform is finished, it will go up to $99.99! 
    Although it is geared for total beginners, if you are a little advanced and don't know what a "look alike audience" is, then this is for you!

    This course is based on the podcast with Mike Shreeve, so we will be setting up our ads like Mike, but it also covers the other strategies of big name authors like Nick Stephenson and Mark Dawson.Listen to the podcast here:


    Course Syllabus:

    1. Overview of the Process and Pixels
    1a. Audience Pixels and Website Custom Audiences
    1b. Tracking Pixels
    2. Modifying your book for the process
    3. Making Look Alike Audiences
    3a. Alternatives to Look Alike Audiences
    4. The Quickest and Easiest Way to Make a Professional Looking Graphic for Your Facebook Ad.
    5. Make and Run Your ad and A/B Test it.
    5a. Bonus Video - Alternative Methods
    6. Long Term Strategy
    --Bonus: RETARGETING
    --Bonus: Using Audience Insights to increase conversions


    If you are not satisfied for any reason, just ask for your money back within 30 days and you will receive a refund - no questions asked! (Of course I would like your feedback though, to improve the course!)