Thursday, January 17, 2019

The Most VALUABLE Podcast for Beginner Authors in 2019 with C.S. Lakin and Eric Z - [Story Structure DEEP DIVE]

How do you make a good story GREAT?

Let's talk about structure...BEFORE you start, you gotta get your structure right!
In this interview, we take a deep dive into the narrative structure that every great novel MUST have (no exceptions!)...seriously--no exceptions!

C.S. Lakin has an incredible career AND a really cool back story.
She used to sit in on The Mod Squad!

Growing up in Los Angeles and near Hollywood, she was literally imbued with scriptwriting and ...the narrative structure!

So it is safe to say it is in her blood.

But...that's not all. 

What about the VALUABLE part?
Just go to her website and get the free value there!

I cannot believe she does not even put the templates, charts, and checklists behind an Email subscribe form!

I wish I would have found her and her website BEFORE I started my last book!

Listen and take notes my fledgling authors!...


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