Sunday, July 15, 2018

Another #1 Thanks to KdpRocket : Exactly How I Did It! [VIDEO]

Thanks @DaveChesson  and KdpRocket for another #1 book ranking!

This started out as a book cover A-B-C test and quickly wound up a #1 thanks to KdpRocket!
Step 1.) Publish Your Book on KDP
Step 2.) Search for categories for your book with KDPROCKET
Step 3.) Choose the BEST 10 categories for your book
Step 4.) Start a help ticket with Amazon/KDP and ask them to add your book to those 10 categories...
Step 5.) BOOM! Better rankings guaranteed ;-)
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You can see the books here: 
(remember that -zon updates the ratings HOURLY)

About Step 3:
Because I made this video very quickly, I want to explain step 3 again...better:
I had previously published a book in this series as a PERMA-FREE book.
And these 3 books are also FREE.
In the spreadsheet from KdpRocket, it shows the "ABSR" = Amazon Book Sales Rank... i.e. the PAID book sales rank.
KdpRocket shows you the sales rank of the #1 book in the category, AND the #20 book in the category.
The #20 book is important -- it is your BARRIER TO ENTRY!
Your job as an Amazon author is to get your book on the FIRST page of search results for your given category and keyword. THAT IS THE #20 book on that page!
Because I had previously published a perma-free book in this series, I had a target to shoot for: 21,000 ABSR.
However, I had to look in the FREE SECTION of Amazon (because I am publishing a free book, simple, right?) KdPRocket gives you the ABSR of the paid (or normal section) books in Amazon.
As you can see in the video, it was easy to correlate on my spreadsheet the PAID books ABSR to the FREE books ABSR by simply noting where my current categories ranked against the others.
Did you know you can add your book to TEN CATEGORIES in Amazon?!
You can and you should! 
Those categories are a gift, and the best way to ace 'em is with KdpRocket!
p.p.s. This was a very spontaneous vid that I made on my "ersatz" windoze computer, so please forgive me of the audio quality.
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