Sunday, May 21, 2017

Take the 7 Day Challenge!

The Winners of the 1st 7 Day Challenge Are In - Look at what my Awesome students are making!

The very first Zbooks 7 Day Challenge has finished and I am soooo EXTREMELY STOKED and PROUD as Hell to present to you the very first champions!

Not only did the first challengers WIN a lot of knowledge -- I did too, and had to update my challenge website in real time.

That was hectic, to say the least, but it was extremely rewarding to help people and I'm so glad that people found the material helpful.

Even my funky trick with the star worked! (rule of thirds and "golden ratio" hack!)

So here they are, the first champions!

(and yes, YOU should take the challenge too, it's a powerful kick in the ****!)

Champion #1 got her book on Amazon the fastest!

But it's not about speed: she made a ROCKIN' cover and an extremely AWE-SUM formatted Ebook with one of the hacks in the challenge.

Check out the interior of Melanie's book using the "look inside" function on Amazon.

Champion #1 (yes we are all #1 here!)

Not only made an awesome book, but she went the extra mile and made a KILLER landing page too!

Check out Jennifer's FREE guide to discount Ebooks.

Another expertly formatted book with great content!

Champion #1 - Jenn is one of my favorites.

Not only did she make a BUNCH of killer covers,(hint: A-B testing!) but she also had the most technical difficulties -- and conquered them all!

Seriously Stoked!
Check out Jenn's book on Amazon here!

In the Challenge we are going to be covering all sorts of stuff like:

  • The perma-free model : how to make your book permanently free on -zon
  • How to make a cover
  • How to optimize your title
  • How to choose keywords and categories (free methods and kdspy tools etc.)
  • How to make the actual .epub and .mobi
  • How to optimize your books for leads and which platforms to use (and how)
  • Also an overview of how to publish on D2D

"For me Z Books 7 Days Challenge became that booster which helped me to get my writing project unstuck and launch it in record time. Just two weeks ago I didn’t even know where to begin and now my book is on Amazon!

The challenge equipped me with the knowledge, tools, and a clear direction necessary to achieve my goal, continuous support to stay on track, feedback to adjust my actions on the go. And what is of particular value – the challenge guided me to the long-sought point where I overcame fear of exposing my writing and connected my work to the world-wide audience.

I definitely recommend this 7 Days Challenge for everyone who wants to succeed in self-publishing." -- Jenn Fiden

"I enjoyed the course offered by Eric Z. He was clear and concise, I was able to follow his direction and completed my book. It was fun seeing the project come together in such a short space of time. I really like the extra tips and links he shares for great helps in formatting the project. His course is certainly worth the time. My book Papers, Pages and Poetry is the result of Eric Z'z awesome 7 day Challenge." ~ M. Kari Barr

More Winners!

Lucas decided to publish his entire book during the 7 Day Challenge:


Christi got her book to #1 in category!!!

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