Sunday, August 28, 2016

How To Write 7 SEVEN Bestsellers and GAIN MONSTER MOMENTUM with Derek Doepker

Zbooks Successful Authors Podcast - MONSTER MOMENTUM with Derek Doepker

Derek has "only" written SEVEN bestsellers!

Just one of my favorite methods of his is the "A B C D" method.
When it comes to the title and description of your book it's gotta:

  • Attention 
    • Have a Hook! 
    • If you don't hook 'em in the first SECONDS, they're gone!
  • Believable
    • Doesn't work if it's not believable
  • Curiosity
    • Have I heard this before? 
    • Use the curiosity gap!
  • Different
    • Boring = forgotten. 
    • Different "sticks" in your memory - like curiosity (above). 
BUT...I don't want to ruin everything for you. Listen and enjoy Derek's awesome tips, especially his method for gaining MONSTER MOMENTUM AND MOTIVATION!


Hooks for Books

From Visually.


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