Sunday, February 21, 2016

How To Master Freelancing Success AND Ebooks with Lise Cartwright!

Zbooks Successful Authors Podcast with Lise Cartwright.

I had the pleasure to interview Lise Cartwright last week:

Lise is not only one of the hottest Freelancers in the Blogosphere right now, she is also a successful AUTHOR. 

She joined the Best Selling Book School and made a bestseller with her FIRST BOOK. 

Bestseller on the first try - one shot - one kill! Now that is a benchmark! click to tweet!

In this interview Lise reveals:
  • How to start out your freelancing career, 
  • How to get your Upwork profile right, 
  • What's the most important thing for a newbie to focus on,
  • Her book launching methods,
  • Why she is going to the $.99 launch instead of free,
  • Her book creation method (hint - mindmapping!)
  • And...
And --AND-- her new course!

From Idea to Profitable Side Hustle in Just 30 Days!


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