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The Pre-sale method, Shortcut to a bestseller, D2D vs Smashwords vs Amazon KDP

Happy New Year My Friends! This is the first post of the year, I hope you like it and I hope it adds value to your authoring process:

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If you are not using the PRE-SALES technique in D2D or Smashwords ... you are doing it wrong![highlight to tweet!]

Get the show notes , and PDF presentation with all the links here:
 Download the Zbooks FREE Niche Finder Tool!

Get the show notes , and PDF presentation with all the links here:
 Download the Zbooks FREE Niche Finder Tool!

1. This is to date, imho the best book on the pre- order launch technique. It’s linked just click here >>>
2. D2D and Smashwords Pre-sales Launch 3 months to 1 year (!) No rank! Why Pre-sell? Because those pre-sales count on launch day, and can spike your sales to the top of the bestseller and “what’s hot” categories in Smash,D2D, AND iTunes!
3. Amazon Pre-sales Launch 3 months only Ranked! In Amazon the pre-sales count from day 1, hence no spike in sales from pre-sales. HOWEVER , it is still a great way to market your book in advance and get sales and raise awareness of your book. ALSO - if you do it right you can leverage pre-sales for REVIEWS! This way your book has reviews on launch day - important!
4. Amazon example:
5. Smashwords:
6. Amazon:
7. LINKS !
8. LINKS Lose the Gut - Get Sexy Pre-order example Live Pre-order example - More details about pre-orders - Lise Cartwright’s excellent article about 99cent launches Steve Scott’s new launch is also at 99 cents Tim Grahl launches print and ebooks to the top of NYT with pre-sales technique! Tim Grahl’s Launch Book “LAUNCH”
9. I hope this presentation adds value to your authoring process. I want YOU to finish your book. Come join in on the fun and learn how to Jump-Start your authoring career! JOIN ZBOOKS !

And here is a support answer from Draft2Digital themselves(!):

We do not have a "store" like Smashwords so when we list for pre-orders it is at our Store sites. 
The vendors we use that accept Pre-orders are as follows:
Apple & Tolino - up to 1 year in advance
Kobo - up to 6 months in advance
B&N - up to 90 days in advance

If you've selected vendors that don't support preorders (Inktera, and Scribd), your book will go live on your selected release date.
Free pre-orders are not supported by any of our vendors.

Apple, and Kobo will generate a publicly available sample from whatever document you provide, so you should not upload a file if you do not want it shown to the public (an unedited file for example).

If your manuscript is not yet complete, you may set up a pre-order without a manuscript (or cover art). Please do not upload "placeholder" or "dummy" manuscripts as this will cause problems with your preorder and will likely result in the pre-order being cancelled. Placeholder cover art is okay.
In order to ensure that your release goes smoothly, the final manuscript MUST BE uploaded no later than 10 days prior to release. This is to ensure every vendor has time to review that file and to provide ample time to get any potential flags or errors reported by the vendor resolved before release.

Please be advised that changes (including changes to the release date) made within 3 business days of release may or may not be applied to your book prior to release due to certain review processes at our vendors.
You may adjust the release date of your book forward or backwards. However, if the book is a no-asset pre-order, moving the release date forward MUST allow ten days from the time the final file is submitted for the book to go through a full review process at our vendors.

Currently only Apple and Barnes and Noble provide pre-order estimates. Apple estimates are available daily and B&N estimates are delivered weekly.   This information is not yet available on your dashboard as these are estimates of the pre-order sales only.   We are looking to add this information on your dashboard in the future but at this time this information is not available.  You may contact us directly to get estimates by email or phone.

We hold all pre-order sales until the day of release and then they reflect those sales as release day sales, potentially bumping up an author’s book rank on release day. However, this does mean we do not see the pre-order totals until the day after release day.

Please let me know if you have further questions.
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