Thursday, August 6, 2015

How To Create Titles That Sell More Books! +FREE Title Creator Tool

  1. 1. Zbooks Ebook Tutorial by Eric Z of www.Zbooks.Co <<<Get it for FREE at ! How To Create Titles That Sell More Books How To Create Titles That Sell More Books
  2. 2. There are two methods to create your title: 1.) The Amazon Method 2.) The Better Method – Copy Writing and Optimizing
  3. 3. Amazon Method 1.) Go to and start typing the first word of your title in the search field. 2.) Watch what pops up and note the “strings” of words that result. 3.) Use one of these strings in your title, or make the entire title a “string”.
  4. 4. Amazon Method Ideas that rank in Amazon’s Algorithm
  5. 5. However: This makes some pretty BORING titles, and remember... You can always put those keywords in your description, subtitle, or keywords field! <<<Get it for FREE at !
  6. 6. THE BETTER WAY! Which I have distilled for YOU from only the BEST: Tim Ferris Charlie Hoehn Kaye Tardif John Locke Noah Kagan
  7. 7. Step ONE - Brainstorm like crazy! ● Think of at least 30 different titles and subtitles. ● Usually around the 30th title is where your Brain Loosens Up(!) and you come up with the right titles.
  8. 8. 1.) Your title should be 1-5, preferably 1-3 words. 2.) “YOU” and “YOUR” are very effective in a title; e.g. “You can cure…” or “You can make money doing …” Remember:
  9. 9. If you still don’t have any ideas, check out this awesome article about “How To” titles: killer-how-post-that-gets-attention/ STUMPED!>>>
  10. 10. Step TWO - Put them in the Tool: <<<Get it for FREE at !
  11. 11. Step THREE - Answer the questions: 1.) Is it memorable? 2.) Does it reflect the actual concept of the book? 3.) Will it target the right readers? 4.) Does it make you want to buy the book? – “oooh I gotta have that!” 5.) Would your friends pass this on to their friends? 6.) Is the title controversial? Does it spark a conversation? 7.) Is your title franchisable? –e.g. James Bond,1,2,3,4,… 8.) Is the domain name available? etc. 9.) Is somebody else already using your title? –argh!! (This is actually not a problem if it is a small title <2 words.)
  12. 12. Answer the questions with “N” or “Y” in the fields...
  13. 13. The tool automatically changes the colors: ALL GREEN Titles Win!! Yeah!
  14. 14. Step FOUR - Hit the Button! Now go publish your CUTE, Controversial, Highly OPTIMIZED, Hollywood RIPE, $Money-Making BOOK$ and... SCORE!
  15. 15. I hope this presentation adds value to your authoring process. The tool was inspired by a post from Charlie Hoehn, make sure to give him your likes and love for delivering the basis. I want YOU to finish your book. Come join in on the fun and learn how to Jump-Start your authoring career! <<<Get the title CREATOR for FREE at !
  16. 16. Extra slides See the title creator in action with a 14 year old entrepreneur and his first book(!): plus-free-title.html <<<Get the title CREATOR for FREE at !
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