Thursday, June 18, 2015

Why We Do Series

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I want to share some lessons learned:
As you know when it comes to triggering Amazon’s algorithm – Keywords are King.

That’s why we painstakingly craft a title, and a subtitle for our book that contains potent, algorithm-triggering keywords.

Then we make our book part of a series, even if it is a singular unique book.

Let me show you why:
Here is my Air Force book on the first page of the search results for “Kids Leadership”.

Take special note of the amount of reviews my book has (only 2!) compared to the first and third place books.
As you can see my book has only two reviews – despite that it ranks second on the page.
That’s profound!
That’s because of the keywords.
AND that’s because of the keywords in the SERIES TITLE not in my book title.

Look at where my book is when we search for “Leadership for Kids”:
Seventh on the list = first page.
Again, despite the others with more reviews.

That’s gravy!
If it wasn’t for the Series Keywords, my book would probably be on the second, or who-knows-where page of amazon’s search results.

Notice that my book only has two reviews and it’s on the first page, waaaay ahead of other books with a lot more reviews.

This is why the Amazon search function is the best for authors.

It works purely by relevance and not by book or author ranking.
Others like B&N, Kobo etc. work purely by ranking – which sucks.
Your book has no chance against someone with more reviews or a better author ranking.
The search results will always just show the most popular authors and books regardless of relevance.

That’s a big minus for the other platforms and a huge plus for Amazon.

Basically, when we upload our book amazon offers us FOUR presents:

1.) The Keywords in the Title field
2.) The Keywords in the Subtitle field
3.) The Keywords in the Keyword field
4.) The Keywords in the SERIES title field

But number four is hardly used, it’s a gift and we’re refusing it!


  • Make every one of your books part of a series, even if it is a ONE BOOK series.
  • Those keywords are a gift – use them!
  • PROFOUND: Keywords trump Book/Author ranking in the search results.

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