Friday, January 16, 2015

How to Build Your .mobi for KDP - Amazon

It's so simple! NO coding NO html required.
1.) Add your .docx to Calibre
2.) Generate .mobi with Calibre
3.) Drag and drop your new .mobi into your documents folder in your Kindle.
4.) Check your book in your kindle yourself:
    -- check that the "go to -- Table of contents" button works in your menu.
   -- CHECK your ENTIRE book now for mistakes and typos and any formatting problems  - pay special attention to non standard characters like umlauts and accents that may not render!
5.) Fix all mistakes in your MANUSCRIPT, then download as .docx and repeat the entire process again until you are satisfied.
6.) Check your .mobi on other devices if you can , iPad, KindleFire etc.
7.) Go to Step 3 - upload to KDP 

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