How To Write 7 SEVEN Bestsellers and GAIN MONSTER MOMENTUM with Derek Doepker

Zbooks Successful Authors Podcast - MONSTER MOMENTUM with Derek Doepker

Derek has "only" written SEVEN bestsellers!

Just one of my favorite methods of his is the "A B C D" method.
When it comes to the title and description of your book it's gotta:

  • Attention 
    • Have a Hook! 
    • If you don't hook 'em in the first SECONDS, they're gone!
  • Believable
    • Doesn't work if it's not believable
  • Curiosity
    • Have I heard this before? 
    • Use the curiosity gap!
  • Different
    • Boring = forgotten. 
    • Different "sticks" in your memory - like curiosity (above). 
BUT...I don't want to ruin everything for you. Listen and enjoy Derek's awesome tips, especially his method for gaining MONSTER MOMENTUM AND MOTIVATION!