Wednesday, May 30, 2018

How To ACE Historical Fiction: Podcast Interview with Harald Johnson!

I had the wonderful opportunity to interview Harald Johnson, a Historical Fiction MEISTER!

Harald has many years of experience in so many topics, it's impossible to cover them here. 

Listen in as he unfolds the RICH History of New York, and at the same time, how to "do" Historical Fiction right. 

Harald has a depth of experience that I have rarely encountered before. 

From Marketing, to Design, and of course writing CAPTIVATING books (!) well...we will have to do another podcast to cover the rest! 

Topics Covered:
·         Bookbub ads
·         Marketing (media director?)
·         DPI vs Pixel mass/dimensions – Printing industry
·         The perfect Ebook cover dimensions
·         KDP select vs “going wide”
·         Traditional Publishing vs Independent Publishing (Hint: Indie Kicks Trad’s arsch!)
·         The Concept is NOT the premise
·         Amazon Ads (AMS: Amazon Marketing Services)
·         Pay Per Click Advertising
·         “Trickle” ads with minimum bids
·         Fiction vs Nonfiction characters
·         Outlining
·         Henry Hudson
·         East India Company vs West India Company
·         New Amstersdam vs New York
·         Dutch vs British colonists
·         Manahatta: The Island of Many Hills
·         Algonquin speaking Lenape Native American Indians
·         Jamestown
·         Beavers J
·         Swimming the Hudson!
·         Book promotion
·         Quora ads
·         The New World movie with Colin Farrell, Pocahontas (Q'orianka Kilcher)
·         Stephen King’s “11-22-63”
·         Split timelines
·         Ken Follett
·         Chapter length vs Scenes

Enjoy this deep dive into everything from marketing books to Pocahontas!

Harald Johnson's new Omnibus Edition "New York 1609" is launching THIS week!

Make sure to pick it up; it's the culmination of FOUR separate ebooks for only $.99 this week only!


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