Wednesday, March 4, 2015

How To Format Prose - Tutorial

My friend CAL of is writing an awesome poetry book, he downloaded the cheatsheet and got going. Then came the first problem: how do you format prose? Calibre “squished” everything together! His stanzas were gone!

But that’s not how it looked in his manuscript in google docs, it looked like this:

So why did he get this in his Kindle?:
Prose Format

Whenever you hit that “return/enter” key you are creating a new PARAGRAPH, (remember in .html <p> ?)

  1. Mark your entire poem
  2. Go to tool bar and “remove space after paragraph” - IF it is there. If there are no spaces after paragraph you will not see this option but only the two options; “add space before/after paragraph”.
  3. Now go to each line where you want a line break, PUT THE CURSOR AT THE END OF THE VERY LAST WORD OF THAT LINE
  4. Using the pull down menu in the toolbar again, add a space after the paragraph “Add space after paragraph”.
  5. Do this for every line.
I know this will make the space look too big in your manuscript, but we are formatting for kindle — remember!  Your kindle is an .html reader so your manuscript will ALWAYS look different than the final Ebook.

how to format prose

Yeah! that’s more like it!
Now maybe we should put a space before the paragraph to, to make more room before the heading “Breathless”.  Alternatively we can also just add a space after paragraph after the heading too, your choice!

Here’s a handy dandy presentation for you:

I hope this helps you in your journey to Ebook superstardom my friends!

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