Friday, February 27, 2015

Test B - Finally Running!


I finally got test B going!
Here are the first results after a "clean" 24hr. period.
The book is in the blog now in prime real-estate.
The Blog gets 200+ uniques per day.
I'm using KDP select to offer the book for FREE for 5 days, yesterday was day 1.

Day 1

20 Free units "sold"/downloaded
200 uniques/20 = 10% conversion - is that safe to say? (don't know, exactly how is conversion calculated for free books?)
I'm very interested to see what happens when the 5 day sale is over, I think I will put it up to 2.99 and then do a 99cent sale afterwards.
Well that's the strategy anyways...

A vs B
Comparing method A to method B, in method A you make 1 book permanently free and gather subscribers, in method B you write a blog and push your book in your blog, going for sales only because you want to remain anonymous etc.

After 3 weeks
100+ downloads of book 1 = 17 subscribers
100+ downloads of book 2 = 2 subscribers (!)
No new subscribers for over 1 week
Sounds dismal doesn't it?
Well regardless, I have learned we MUST have CONTROL (remember?) and after 3 weeks Amazon has blocked one book (not in the test now , but the reason I had to delay the test) , and GOOGLE has announced once again that they will be BLOCKING ADULT CONTENT BLOGS!!!
All of these "jerk-moves" by the various platforms don't bother you in the least bit if you have your own subscriber list!
Your 1000 true fans are YOURS, to take to whatever platform you please, but only if you have an email list.
This is GOLD and my biggest takeaway already.


After 1 day = 20 free downloads of book 1. (Book 2 is in the making)

My FUNNEL blog for test B is now in danger of going down because of Big Brother Goog changing their policy (N-E-C-S-T), it will be interesting to see what happens.

I will post everything here, right now I'm going run it to the hilt, March 23rd is D-Day.

In four days the book will be 2.99$, we shall see what happens to the graph after that:


You see that little red "paid units" on the left?

That's a book I added over a year ago, no keywords, no categories, just forget about entirely...

It's starting to sell!

Dontcha just love passive income? Ok it's not a lot, but that's telling me something isn't it?


What do you want me to make next? Let me know?>>>


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