YES -- but my book is not published yet...

YES but it’s not published yet

maybe you just have technological hurdles and don't know how to make a book and publish it on Amazon.

In the 7 day challenge I take you through the entire process:
  1. How to find a profitable niche
  2. How to title your book
  3. How to find the right keywords to maximise discoverability
  4. How to market your book
  5. How to set up an email autoresponder
  6. How to format your book for Kindle comma make an ePub or mobi and upload it to Amazon and d2d in other platforms
  7. How to make your new book permanently free

When you're done with your new Ebook I will even give you a free promotion!

Print Book:
In the CreateSpace Course we make a print book together:

The EASIEST and most PAINLESS way to publish your book on Amazon: on the print on demand (P.O.D.) platforms CREATESPACE and KDPRINT!
With all free tools like Google Docs, Reedsy, GIMP, Inkscape and Canva

  • How to make a cover
  • Formatting
  • Uploading and Publishing to Amazon
  • How to get PICS right

+BONUS Modules!

  • Behind the scenes of a $1k KidsBook
  • How to make re-usable icons and mascots graphics
  • Pricing, vs sizes and pages (how many pages?)
  • Processes and methods to speed production
  • How to use open domain pics

And -YES- When you're done with your new Print book I will even give you a free promotion!