How to Get Book Reviews and Connect With Your Readers (Part 2) with Larry Froncek of VoraciousReadersOnly!

What is the most important thing an author must do?

Connect with his/her readers, or get reviews?



Connecting with your readers and getting reviews is the NUMBER thing you should be doing as an author!

This is the second interview with Larry Froncek from

An awesome promotion site that specializes in CONNECTING YOU with your readers!

If you are an author, go here now: VORACIOUS-READERS-ONLY

A LOT has changed since we talked last in September 2018!

My favorite quote from the podcast:

“They don’t give it enough attention as a SALES MECHANISM”--Larry Froncek
We were talking about how much your book's description / blurb should DETRACT as much as it should ATTRACT!

There are also POSITIVE SIDE EFFECTS to a Voracious Readers promo, here are just a few (but I think that's enough!):
  • Some of his clients got a BOOKBUB!
  • Massive GoodReads recommendations
  • Getting to know your best reviewers (this one seems mundane at first, but is big big BIG!)
LEAN IN as we talk about...
  • Book Marketing
  • Gary Halbert
  • Frank Kern
  • CONNECTING with readers
  • Book REVIEWS--of course :-)
  • Serial Entrepreneur'ing (is that a thing?) 

  • Ready-Fire-Aim

  • Mobs Markets and Messiahs

  • How to create animated book covers on your smartphone in <10 font="" mins="">
  • and much more!

This is the most important thing an author must do--no Jokin' around man!

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