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   I Eric Z of Zbooks.co totally and completely endorse KDROI!

Why? Because it will save you gobs of time, and your time is worth it.

No more opening multiple tabs of free book promotion sites or Facebook pages, and endlessly copying and pasting your book details.

KDROI submits your book to over 32+ promo sites in about 20, yes TWENTY seconds!

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So this is my special offer to you, when you Join Zbooks, I will submit your book with this tool, then you can see the results.

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OR...OR(!) you can do it the old fashioned way and manually and individually submit your book to the following sites, have fun!:

I tried doing this with FancyHands, my favorite cyber-subcontractor, and you can see the results below.



Check out his update from my fancyhands assistant:
Hello Eric,
The ebook was submitted to 13 sites out of your list: 

http://fhands.com/b7m23O7 (kboards.com) 
http://fhands.com/SeFd1TJ (frugal-freebies.com) 
http://fhands.com/UKTkb5T (mobileread.com) 
http://fhands.com/sudmh0u (blogspot.co.uk) 
http://fhands.com/DOjwsVy (totallyfreestuff.com) 
http://fhands.com/MKj7nhq (icravefreebies.com) 
http://fhands.com/ys80QBL (hundredzeros.com) 
http://fhands.com/GXBlwiq (booksontheknob.org) 
http://fhands.com/LLXgm5v (freebooksy.com) 
http://fhands.com/jHjWVnI (indiebookoftheday.com) 
http://fhands.com/rerfZ0m (ebooklister.net) 
http://fhands.com/fWnZsxH (blogspot.com.es) 
http://fhands.com/CdRMUI0 (blogspot.co.uk) 

On these sites, your real name was not used. I only used the author name Eric Z. 

Here are the issues I had with the rest of the sites: 

Not Free: 
http://fhands.com/0rE1JEW (ereaderiq.com) 
http://fhands.com/OmV5pAQ (blogspot.co.uk) 
http://fhands.com/xXm6L4G (askdavid.com) 
http://fhands.com/rb53d4k (goodkindles.net) 
http://fhands.com/uoGE10J (blackcaviar-bookclub.com) 
http://fhands.com/8vXlh7I (bargainebookhunter.com) 
http://fhands.com/7i8WkJE (ereadernewstoday.com) 
http://fhands.com/Hr2bXRN (freebookdude.com) 
http://fhands.com/Ly6K1gN (authormarketingclub.com) 
http://fhands.com/SWtE2Ld (snickslist.com) 
http://fhands.com/qYFIOoR (kindleboards.com) 
http://fhands.com/qeI7Cu9 (freeebooksdaily.com) 
http://fhands.com/Z7WKUkQ (freebookshub.com) 

This URL is currently private and cannot be viewed by the public: 

This URL was not found: 
http://fhands.com/vQZJyOZ (ereaderperks.com) 
http://fhands.com/TOy10LD (freedigitalreads.com) 
http://fhands.com/95LbOz4 (thatbookplace.com) 
http://fhands.com/9w1c8Bb (addictedtoebooks.com) 

You are not eligible to promote free on these sites because you do not have 18+ reviews on your book: 
http://fhands.com/1DTiE36 (digitalbooktoday.com) 

You are not eligible to promote free on these sites because you do not have 5+ reviews on your book: 
http://fhands.com/lBTolJn (ebookshabit.com) 
http://fhands.com/rNE4x0M (readingdeals.com) 
http://fhands.com/UoVu9m2 (pixelofink.com) 

More source sites: