How to recognize the second coming of Jesus Christ [and is Donald Trump the antichrist?] with Tom Grossman!

Meet the author of the #1 Bestselling book in Christian Bibles on Amazon!

Tom Grossman answers my questions about the second coming of Jesus Christ -- AWESOME!

You will LOVE Tom's top 2 criteria that have to be met before the 2nd coming can happen.

When is the second coming of Jesus Christ? 
➡Is Donald Trump the Antichrist? 
➡What TWO things must happen before the 2nd coming? 

This is one of my most interesting and funnest interviews ever--EVER! 

Listen in as I ask Tom Grossman the TOUGH QUESTIONS and he gives the equally TOUGH ANSWERS--priceless! 

YES! Tom does indeed have a new book which answers these questions in depth...check it out on Amazon: "REIGN OF FIRE, by Tom Grossman" !!! 
***Currently the NUMBER ONE BOOK in Christian Bibles on Amazon!*** 

Tom is not only a bible scholar but an EXPERT in the book of REVELATIONS...he studied it for years to come up with right answers! 

He also leads his church in Texas -- awesomeness all around! 


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