They Wanted to Set Him Up and Railroad him to Hell. There Was Only ONE Thing To Do. Interview with Larry Gaydos

What do you do when the government wants to RAILROAD you and put you in a cell for life?

Call the TEXAS SUPER LAWYER - Larry Gaydos!

Texas Super Lawyer Larry Gaydos

The conversation with the FBI went something like this:

FBI Agent: “So, you wanna help your country?” 
Arizona Gun Store: “Sure!” 
FBI Agent: “Good, sell these guns to the Mexican drug lords south of the border.” 
Arizona Gun Store: “But that's ill—” 
FBI Agent: “—Don't worry, it's all part of a bigger sting operation, we got your back man.” 
[2 weeks later] 
Arizona Gun Store: “There's no way to trace these guns and innocent people might get killed!” 
FBI Agent: “Well in order to make an omelet you gotta break some eggs.” 
Arizona Gun Store: “Yeah but it isn't working...people are gonna get killed and it's making the gun dealers like me look bad!” 
FBI Agent: -Click- [hangs up] 
Arizona Gun Store: “Oh, I am the egg...”
The Arizona Gun Dealer saw the writing on the wall, and called the Texas Super Lawyer Larry Gaydos!

Listen in on this compelling interview with Larry Gaydos.

This "sting" operation would later be called FAST AND FURIOUS!
Larry's client, the gun store owner that was being framed by the FBI was right in the middle of Fast and Furious! --The most corrupt "black ops" operation by the Obama administration!
Some of the guns went to the ISIS and were used in the Bataclan Terrorist attack in Paris!
The depths of deceit of the Obama administration are SHOCKING to say the least.

If you want to lose heart in Washington D.C. and GAIN HEART in the incredible INTEGRITY of our Texas Lawyers, then you gotta listen to this interview!

Some highlights:

Attorney General Eric Holder became the first sitting member of the Cabinet of the United States to be held in contempt of Congress on June 28, 2012

Mexican cartels bought dozens of Barrett .50 caliber rifles during fast and furious. One was used by the Sinaloa cartel to shoot down a Mexican Army helicopter.

“The DOJ then waited for the murders to take place”


To say that Larry Gaydos is an OVERACHIEVER is an understatement:

  • Graduated from West Point - TOP OF CLASS
  • Became a "J.A.G." in the Army and then started TEACHING all of the other judges...
  • NEVER lost a case as offense
  • WON every case except one as defense
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