The Man with THE Plan & Machiavelli of Amazon Ads: Brian Berni!

The Mastermind and Machiavelli of Amazon Ads Reveals some of it all!


It's always a challenge trying to get a Meister to reveal his best secrets and tricks. In this episode I got Brian Berni to reveal some...!

Brian Berni is an established scholar, and worked in the Vatican for many years.
On top of that - he publishes his own books!

What comes through in the interview a lot is how down to Earth he is, and there is no secrecy or "Machiavelli" at all really. That's actually hard to fathom, because Brian runs one of the most successful "done for you" Advertising services of all. 

If you go to the BookAds page, you will see some EYE-POPPING screenshots!
Well, listen in on this interview with Man behind Book Ads, one of the most successful "Done for You" Ads for authors services ever (!) and find out:


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