How To Rule The World From Your Tent : Because Every Millionaire Has 3+ Streams of Income

Rules the World from his Tent!

How do you rule the world from your tent?

Buck Flogging a.k.a. Matt Stone has been dominating the blogosphere and Independent Publishing space for over 5 years now.

He started with blogging (hence "Buck Flogging") and quickly built the right products to help authors WIN.

But that's not what makes him unique:
What makes him unique are the SYSTEMS that he put in place for all of this AND the MYTHBUSTING he did along the way.
If you want to start reading about his philosophy (and it's a JUICY expletive one!) 
then I definitely suggest getting his FREE THREE book series "QuitN6:"

You will love his writing style and no-nonsense approach!
Because the greatest key To Success in any business is follow through and the secret to follow through is enjoyment--Matt Stone
Also, he gives you simple metrics and goals, which is EXACTLY what beginners (and intermediates too) need!
Material connection: I promote Buck Books and the following products because I am an author and these are definitely the BEST most effective resources for Independent Authors.
That's why I started this blog remember? "Zbooks: The most effective resources for independent authors."

That means I will earn a commission on anything you buy below, and I THANK YOU very much on your way to the top! :-)

Matt Stone has the 1-2-3 unbeatable punch here for Selfpublishing authors:

  1. Buck Books book promotion site. Launch your book to #1 in almost any category!
  2. Book Ads for Authors: A done for you advertising service. Don't wanna run your own ad campaigns? Let Matt and his team (including Brian Berni from previous podcast) run them for you!They are also starting with BookBub ads too!
  3. 100 Covers! Check 'em out! They make AWE-SUM covers for $100! Hard to believe when you see the quality of the covers.

With these 3 services, Matt really has hit the "CORE" pillars of independent publishing 1.) Nailing and dominating your niche 2.) Getting more, and sustaining sales 3.) Making that MEGA all-important first impression stick - your book's cover!

Topics covered:

  • Arizona
  • Buck Flogging: Blogging and the blogosphere
  • Live Events
  • Conversions
  • Amazon Advertising (AMS)
  • BookBub Ads
  • Book Covers
  • KPI's Key Performance Indicators
  • EPS Earnings Per Subscriber
  • Overload+Burnout
  • MOOBS!

Listen in on this OVER-the-TOP interview! (I might have overdone it on the intro...) 


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