If you are a beginning author please read these articles first:
1.) marketing-marketing-marketing
2.) what-every-author-must-do

Then start a blog!

Why a blog?
The blog or website is your platform, you will kick-off everything from your blog.

Let's get things straight, you should be sending all your traffic from Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc etc. to your blog.

There you collect emails and build your list.

Get your 1000 true fans.

Get your audience first, then make your book/product.

If you don't want to start a blog then at least just make a book landing page e.g.

If you ask anyone from Steve Scott, to Tim Ferriss, Pat Flynn to John Locke, they will all tell your prime focus should be on your blog and your mailing list. (--Oh! And don't forget Andy Weir who published his book "The Martian" on his blog first!)


So please, read the article above (1.) and start your 40 blogs in 40 nights campaign:

Then  shoot me a mail:

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