Dedicated to all the budding authors and do-it-yourselfers out there.


Self-publishing solutions for the independent Author

Eric Z - I get total beginners on Amazon!

1. What do your ideal subscribers want? 
To finish their book and get it on Amazon
2. What’s the main problem they have that you believe you can solve?
3. What’s your method for solving that problem?
4. What do you love to talk about more than anything?

I want to show you how to make an Ebook for FREE with no middlemen, that means you become instantly profitable on launch day, no costs to recover!

Additionally I will help you with the hard stuff:
-- Formatting and Covers.

What’s the difference between me and the others?

I am on this journey with you.
I am not a marketing guru who is going to give you some slick upsell.
All of my tutorials are free for subscribers -- forever.

I specialize in:

Graphics, Formatting, and Writing the actual book.
So you will notice this site is heavily focussed on do-it-yourselfers and beginners, and building your own book, not outsourcing it.
Zbooks is for people who believe in their own work and want to create a legacy.
Because that’s what an Ebook is … your legacy.
It will stay on Amazon’s shelf for however long you care to leave it there – even after you die.
Yes, that sounds morbid, but please think about it this way.
You are crafting an income stream that you can give to your grandchildren, for them to enjoy passive income too.
Make it your best work – it reflects you, and only you, after all.
Come build your legacy with me – this is gonna be ridiculously FUN! (and did I mention rewarding ?)


Besides hosting my own podcast, I also appear on others!
Here are just a few:

See what beginners and pro’s are saying:

“Hi Eric,
I follow you since your posts on themillionnairefastlaneforum
I'm a french author, and my first kindle book hit #1
My second book is doing great also.
It's also thanks to your experience, i get great ideas, so thank you :)”
— Bestselling Author Jean-Yves Ponce

“Hi Eric!
Thanks for what are you doing!...
...I wish there are more and more people like you on this planet.
Tell me please how I can enter in your helping team. I simply love helping writers. Best Regards,”
M.C. Simon
Author of Feng Shui for Writers

“Eric has mentored my book from a mere idea in my head, to something that will make me money, Your the best Eric!”
— Ben Weider Lawncareforkids.com

“...your videos have been really instrumental in getting me to write my first eBook. Your ideas with google docs and how to make a cover have been useful even the the app ideas have been helpful.”

"Eric's idea to publish a cheat sheet on Amazon to get leads is probably the most brilliant idea for leads I've heard in a long time. I'm looking forward to seeing my results pay off thanks!!!!" --Ernie Potts

"I have to tell you that I love getting your emails...
... kudos for putting relevant, useful information in the body of the email. 
When you spell things out in one shot, I have a plan in hand that I can act on right now to see if it applies to me, without listening to a webinar for authors who work out in the open..Thank you!" -- Nekisha
I just wanted to say this is an excellent informative newsletter!! Thank you!  All the best, Gerard

And last but not least,  from my favorite forum (Fastlane Forum):
“Your content is great. The HowTo-Template brought some serious big-picture-structure in the chaos I call my outline!”

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