Conquering Entrepreneurs on FIRE! With John Lee Dumas!

John Lee Dumas on His M1A1 Abrams Tank

Exclusive Interview with John Lee Dumas of Entrepreneurs on Fire!

Listen in to these WISDOM BOMBS with John Lee Dumas...

John Lee Dumas is MOTIVATING!

He is the #1 podcaster in the world...
And although we only had 14 minutes and 55 seconds...He dropped some seriously INTENSE wisdom bombs!
"Meteoric" is an understatement...

Maybe it's because he was a TANK COMMANDER in the U.S. Army (M1A1 Abrams) and BLASTED his way through Fallujah...and now...

John Lee Dumas has OBLITERATED the podcast-o-sphere!

He didn't "just start" a podcast in 2012, he started the #1 Podcast in the world!

He was one of the very first to do a DAILY podcast.

In less than 2 years he had his first $100,000 month and shortly thereafter his first $200,000 month.

Listen in and learn:
  • His #1 way to grow your podcast audience/subscribers 
  • His #1 way to EARN email subscribers 
  • His best tips about Podcast MILESTONES and roadmaps 
  • Driving a tank through Fallujah Iraq - WITHOUT a plan!!! 
  • His TWO favorite podcasts 
  • What he would do if he was elected PRESIDENT of the U.S. of A!

Aaaaand...he's writing a book!

So tune in to THIS podcast for more details - it's gonna be awesome!



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