From SideHustle to Full Time Author and Hybrid Publishing POWERHOUSE : with Paul Brodie!

In less than 2 years...

He left his day job to pursue his side hustle - his dream.

DAMN! That was quick!
You have to know your value--Paul Brodie

Paul Brodie is now the master of Hybrid Publishing, and specializes in helping people publish their first book and make it to NUMBER ONE in Amazon.
And, if you check out the previous podcasts - you will see he does that very SUCCESSFULLY!
Listen and learn in this RICH podcast with Paul Brodie,

We talk about:

  • The challenges of side hustles
  • HOW TO make your side hustle profitable
  • How to take the LEAP
  • What is the #1 Key Performance Indicator
  • The ONE thing you must do BEFORE you take the leap
And much more!

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