Meet the Kickstarter LAUNCH Master and Learn What THE NEXT BIG THING is Going Be! With Tom Morkes


Can you make $453k in 33 days?


Meet the Kickstarter Launch Master Tom Morkes...
He ran the most successful Kickstarter campaign for books ever... 
(and #6 most funded Kickstarter ever)
You can see his Product Launch and Kickstarter techniques here: Tom Morkes on

Personalizing at scale...people are going to be doing this a lot more--and it's crushing it...--Tom Morkes 

This is a DEEP DIVE...
In this interview we LEARN about:
  • Immediately Referable Content
  • Selling with Story
  • The importance of EMAIL MARKETING
  • ...and how to do it!
  • The NUMBER ONE metric to measure
  • Does how you dress matter?
  • PERSONALIZATION AT SCALE (pay attention - this is a BIG deal!)
  • Podcasting - and why you should podast...
  • Kickstarter
Listen Learn and EXECUTE!

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