An AWE-SUM Interview with the KING of Hybrid Publishing - Paul Brodie!

Paul Brodie - Brodie Consulting Group

Paul Brodie is the KING of Hybrid-Publishing.

“The back end is where you’re going to make the life changing money.”--Paul Brodie
I had the pleasure to interview Paul Brodie of Brodie Consulting Group!

In this podcast you will learn about:
  • How he launches his books:
    • 20 different promo companies
    • Press release
    • Podcasts
    • Amazon ads “keep ‘em fresh”
  • How he wrote “Positivity Attracts” in 24 hours
  • His AWESOME outlining method
  • Createspace - we miss them!
  • How do you beat procrastination?
    • Structure - 10 talking points
    • Try a different method - REV!
    • AI for 10cents / min.
  • What are the first steps for someone to start a speaking career AND combine it with writing?
“The Pursuit of Happiness was the hardest book that I wrote.”
You can get in touch with Paul here:
“14 bestsellers - it’s a SYSTEM!”

Paul has an amazingly broad and deep range of experience-- from turning your side-hustle into your full-time profession - to PUBLIC speaking, launching your book to BESTSELLER, and coaching!

Listen in to level up your game!
As a matter of fact, you'll have to listen in again, we couldn't do justice to all of his experience in one podcast, so we are going to do more!


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